Growth In Hope

6 Jul

Three days ago Liz asked me if we can do bible studies together.

I’m not entirely sure what my face looked like, but I cannot describe the satisfaction that her question gave me.

One of the biggest regrets of the past four years of my life has been a faith on auto-pilot.

I was in a altogether common and tragic space with Jesus before I met Lize. I believed, I trusted, but I wasn’t at all useful. If Christ requires us to be athletes, I was the slob with poor posture, low energy levels, a cafeine addiction and curvature of the spine.

If Christ requires us to be academics, I was the foolhardy jock with a stubborn and irrational fear of reading.

Whatever you call it, I was drifting around, without an anchor, without having left the bay – listless and lilting. No one ever drifted closer to Jesus. Lately I’m getting fitter and smarter, little bit by little bit.

The feeling of being in love ebbs and flows. The joy of salvation – that endures, through every moment of your life. In grief, in ecstasy, in boredom, in excitement, in quiet.

And I want the joy of salvation to grow in me, and in Liz, as a treasure that we can share, and cherish, and marvel at, together, throughout our whole lives. I love her so much, and I’m so excited to rediscover the joy of hope. I really, earnestly pray every day that the same joy flourishes in her, more and more.

Did you guys read the letter below this post?

It blows my mind. Hey Noah, Sam and Ava – your mom is more special than you possibly fathom. I still mean it now.



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