I Won’t Be That Guy

13 Aug

Or maybe I will be. Just a little bit.

Lize is either in Croatia, or on her way to Croatia for a family holiday. She has texted me before and after every flight since I dropped her at Cape Town International yesterday afternoon.

Since then she has transferred to Johannesburg, flown to Frankfurt, connected to Munich, and will be landing in Croatia at some point today, although I’m not sure when.

She stood on the railing of a check-in baggage storage locker, and kissed me.

Then we said goodbye. I turned around, and walked away. I don’t like lingering goodbyes, I think she’s the same.

It’s a short family vacation of ten days with her brother, sister-in-law, father, two half-sisters and step-mother.

We both promised that we wouldn’t be one of those pathetic couples who lack the gumption to be apart from one another for a limited period of time.

So neither one of us is indulging in love-sickness by any means. But it would be a lie of omission if I didn’t say that the sharply cold, grey, somewhat-suspended atmosphere outside didn’t mirror my feelings.

In the quietest, simplest, and most least melodramatic way possible, Lize is my best friend, soul mate, and great love of my heart.

I wish you a wonderful time in Croatia and Slovenia, but not just recreationally. I hope this holiday strengthens your relationships with your brother, father, step-mother, and most of all, your sister-in-law. I also pray that you’d be a torch, and a bright city on a hill for your family.

Come back quickly, but not so quickly as to miss a single detail of your trip.

I love you so very much, my beautiful girl!


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