Another Weekend, Another Photo Opportunity

14 Feb

This weekend was not the usual. I was meant to be in Johannesburg, but had to cancel as a friend of mine tragically committed suicide and the funeral was on Saturday…

It was sad, and awful, and without going into too much detail I will say that the sermon was devoid of hope and love, which made it worse. And at the graveyard, there were crosses with names written on them in permanent marker, and a man in blue overalls, paid to work there, casually handed the cross to the preacher, and then, in the middle of a song we were all singing softly, a bulldozer started to whine and beep as it pushed the earth into the grave. It was tragic, to me, and not how I imagined he would have wanted it.

Point of this sad story is that it really helped to have SC there. All of my friends were there, too, but there is comfort in having someone go there with you, hold your hand through it all, and be there when you cry at night, at home, or in the car, when normal life continues.

That night he made burgers for us, rented Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and we watched it on the couch while eating a home-made meal and snacks. It was exactly what I felt like.

On Sunday, after church, we had a simple brunch and coffee under the trees at my house.

We went for a lazy jog on Sunday afternoon to the video store to return our DVDs. Two birds, etc.

It may be full of rich white people and soccer mom SUVs, but Newlands is pretty beautiful.

And it is nice, sometimes, to escape life in the city.

And it is a great place for dog-stalking, and discussing which future dogs we are going to have.

So far it’s a Pug, a Great Dane, a chocolate Labrador, and a Beagle.

The run was short (Just over 4km, I’d say), but the hills were big. This is what I have to conquer to get to my house:

And then, my amazing boyfriend made the most delicious chicken soup (from scratch) ever! I would possibly marry him just for the soup. Yup, it is life-long-commitment-good.

All-in-all: a good weekend. Ups and downs, but all totally conquerable mountains with SC by my side.


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