Happy Just-Another-Love-Day

15 Feb

I don’t really do Valentine’s Day.

And not in that annoying way of either a) hating on it completely, as well as anyone who so much as mentions the V-word, or b) saying I don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, and then throwing a tantrum when my boyfriend doesn’t get me anything. I just prefer to show and be shown acts of love and adoration every day, or completely out of the blue, for no reason other than that I think my boyfriend is-/my boyfriend thinks I am pretty awesome.

So, for Valentine’s Day we did… not much. We had farewell lunch with Xander as he moved back to Pretoria today. After work we made dinner together, much like any other night. And dinner was amazing!

We made plum sauce from scratch, which we served in roast chicken, cucumber, and spring onion wraps.

The plum sauce is insanely delicious: sweet; tasty; with a little bit of a chilli sting in each bite. It is pretty much perfection! We got the recipe from House and Leisure Food. It is easy peasy to make, takes no more than half an hour, and is actually quite healthy!

All you do is chop up some plums and cook them on low heat with a little bit of crushed garlic, honey, grated ginger, chopped chillies, and water. Then you mix some more water and a bit of soy sauce in, blend it, and voila! A tasty home-made plum sauce, perfect for poultry wraps.

We ate our amazing food on the balcony as the sun set, along with some wonderful Pinotage. This was picked out by acclaimed wine writer Harry Haddon, just for us. We felt pretty special.

After dinner we went for a walk around Kloof Street, and Tamboerskloof. We texted our dear friends to ask if they were busy, and they graciously allowed us to invade their space.

Michael treated us with a new Everson’s Cider creation: half apple cider, half cloudy apple juice. We sipped on these on their balcony and chatted while envying Michael’s amazing view of the city lights.

And then we walked home, arm in arm.

Photo by Jacs

It was a beautiful summer’s night with good food, good drink, good friends, and tons of love.

But then, so are most days for us.


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