The Weekend That Was [Part 1]

21 Feb

So, on Friday my BFF Margs came down from Durban for a visit. She’s been in India and Holland so we really haven’t seen enough of each other lately. We had dinner with her parents [who I love] at Brad’s Grill in Kenilworth and it was great! The Southern Suburbs are short on really amazing restaurants, but this one’s a goodie for straightforward, delicious food.

On Saturday we went to Neighbourgoods market at the Old Biscuit Mill. I needed to pop in to pick up some squid but we stayed for quite a while.

It was packed, as always, but it was nice sitting in the sun, sipping on some Everson’s Cider.

And then we walked around, taking it all in. I part hate part love the Biscuit Mill. Kind of like your favourite TV show from when you were a kid that changed a lot and now sucks but secretly you still have a very special place for it in your heart because it was, and therefore always will be, kind of great.

Of course we absolutely couldn’t do this beautiful summer’s day without some ice cream from The Creamery. Margs and I had lemon curd ice cream, SC had fig and cardamom. It was delicious.

After an errand or two in town, Margs and I went to Forries. Forries is a super random crowd, mostly made up of varsity jocks, young working adult jocks, and old people jocks. But the vibe is great, it was shady, they show the good sports games and the pizza is amazing.

Margs’ law friends all arrived and SC and I left for a few hours to chill out, have a nap, etc. [Gosh, we are such grannies sometimes.] And then my GBF invited us to dinner.

At first we resisted, but we decided that, you know, one actually cannot have too much pizza in a day. Especially amazing, affordable pizza.

Especially with a side order of wine and good company.

We had a great time with The Gays. I love them. And Da Vinci’s pizza is not only delicious, they’ll also make you a half-half pizza if, like me, you simply cannot decide between roast veg and pesto, and biltong and peppadew.


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