Our Awesome New Car

27 Feb

Okay, so the title is a bit misleading. It wasn’t “ours”, officially. Or permanently, even. Just on load for a week.

But still!

Okay, so basically I got an email asking whether I would like to test drive a new Ford for a week. SC and I both own Fords, and I’m not one to pass up the opportunity to test drive something brand spanking new and, probably, rad. So I said like, duh! yes.

I figured they’d be sending me a sweet, nippy little hatchback.

But no.

What was waiting outside for me was a beast of a car!

The Ford Kuga.

For the entire week that we had this car, we felt pretty damn sexy. Sure, it’s much bigger than what we need right now. We don’t have kids or big dogs or jobs that require lugging piles of stuff around. But damn, driving this felt good. And it makes you feel invincible on the road. Not in the sense that you drive 180km/h down a mountain. You just feel super safe, and like nothing can harm you while you have the Kuga protecting you.

The best part is it doesn’t drive like a huge car. Cape Town’s roads are narrow and people parallel park on roads that already can’t handle two-way traffic and they drive like morons and overall it is a giant weaving mess getting from A to B. But the Kuga handles like a dream, and the power steering is nothing short of phenomenal. So you can have your big car AND drive it! [If you have ever driven in Cape Town you will know that this is quite a feat.

I wish I could have had the Kuga for longer. I would have liked to take it adventuring up the West Coast- load up some scuba gear, spend the day diving, exploring small coastal towns, eating fish and chips out of newspaper while sitting on the bonnet admiring the ocean view, returning it full of sand and apologising to Ford for that.

Alas, it was to be returned. I gave it a little kiss goodbye as it drove off into the sunset. I may have gotten a little too attached.

What a great car! Thanks, Ford. I am now more ambitious than ever to make my millions and buy us an adventure car.


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