The Weekend That Was

6 Mar

Great weekend after a very hectic work week [well, for me]!

Firstly, on Friday, I was working at House and Leisure‘s Design Indaba stand. SC came around to do a spot of painting.

And when I got back to the office [at 6pm, uhfff!] these were waiting for me:

I really am the luckiest girl in the world.

On Saturday we spent the morning on Camps Bay beach at the Caprice Volleyball Tournament. SC played, I lay on the beach drinking virgin cocktails and eating breakfast pastries.

After that we went for burgers at Royale. Definitely one of my favourite burger joints in Cape Town [Gourmet Burger and Royale are kind of battling it out for the number one spot at this stage.]

SC had a delicious Romany Creams milkshake which he very kindly shared with me.

We usually order the two things both of us want but cannot decide which to order, and go halvies. This time it was a beef and chorizo burger with guacamole and salsa, and a beef burger with rocket and mushrooms.

On Saturday we saw Two Door Cinema Club at a “secret venue”, and it was mind-blowing! [More on that later, it deserves its own post entirely]. We took a bus there which, I’m sure, was from the 1950’s.

On Sunday morning, Cape Town was not looking too shabby. This is the view SC has from his bedroom.

After church we cooked lunch at his place and boy oh boy did we outdo ourselves!

I got some baby squid from Ocean Jewels, which is a SASSI-approved fish supplier. There were super affordable and tasty so I will definitely be getting some more soon.

Voila! Baby squid and chorizo salad. We still had some Frankie Fenner chorizo left from a while ago so we sliced that up and added it to the salad, as well as some home-made tomato tarts.

And then, of course, it was time for high tea.

This unbelievable box of delights was delivered to my desk on Friday afternoon from Chocolate or Vanilla [the answer is vanilla, of course!], in Gardens. Now I have always been a huge fan of cupcakes but I am telling you, mini cupcakes are the future! They are delicious as anything, but the fact that they are bite-sized means that not only are they easier to eat, you can also eat one without feeling too sweet, or sample several flavours because there’s room for more!
You absolutely MUST try these cupcakes. Definitely some of the best I have had. Just send Lara a mail at
And that’s a wrap for another lovely weekend! I can feel autumn in the air, so expect these posts to start looking quite different soon!

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