Au Revoir!

9 Mar

We are off to Jo’burg for the weekend to take our relationship to the next level.

That is, introducing the parents to the parents!

Eeeep! So excited. It is literally both our entire families: SC’s parents, older sister and husband, and younger sister; my dad and stepmum, two baby sisters, brother and wife, and sister and husband.

It should be very interesting. A VERY Afrikaans family meeting a very English one. Bulls vs Sharks. Loud and aggressive vs lovely, close-knit family. The list goes on.

But I am quite sure it will be great.

From my side, a few tips on comfy but stylish traveling outfits. I used to fly in heels but I am well over that by now. I go for flat shoes without finicky straps and things. You want something you can kick off easily, and you need to able to RUN in these in case of nearly missing flights etc. I’ll add tights to this just before we leave for the airport because planes can get chilly and I despise the feeling of those seats on my skin. Also, you can get comfy without worrying about exposing yourself to all the passengers. A soft, cotton dress is easy to move in- I tend not to travel in jeans as they are tight and after a while the material becomes scratchy and presses into my skin too much. Always take a jersey for layering purposes. And in my bag: cuticle cream, lip balm, a book [well, iPad, as I am currently reading the Bible on that], headphones for music, and lipstick for when I land.

Until next week!


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