The Weekend That Was: Saturday

12 Mar

So, we flew up to Jo’burg this weekend for the parents to meet the parents.

[These clouds are one of the things I miss most about Jo’burg.]

We arrived on Friday night at 10, and got home at about 11. Then we stayed up until 03h30, drinking wine and catching up with my dad and Lanie, as we so often end up doing. It was great! Except for the part when I had to get up at 7am to go to the salon for a facial. Uhfff…

And then we went for morning tea at The Westcliff with my beautiful, amazing friends, Kazi and Mpumi. Kazi was back from New York for a bit, and since I haven’t seen her in almost a year, our traditional high tea meeting was a must.

It was a pretty fricking beautiful day! Of course we ate far too much delicious food while we sipped tea and caught up with each other. Usher sat down at the table next to us as he was performing in Jo’burg that night. All-round a good morning, I think.

And then SC wanted to “see” Jo’burg but since we were fast heading towards a food coma we couldn’t go anywhere for a snack or even coffee [we would have exploded], so I took him to the Jo’burg zoo. But I love the zoo enough to give it its own post, so more on that later.

As for bringing our two families together- it went as well as anyone could have dreamed! My dad and stepmum Lanie were awesome hosts, the food was incredible [as you can see above, and yes we hit food coma #2 around midnight], my entire family welcomed the souties with open arms and everyone got on super well! It really was everything I could have hoped for, and I am so grateful to our family members. I feel blessed to be a part of this. Hoorah for awesome people in our lives!


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