Daily French: Vuitton

13 Mar

Another Louis Vuitton post. But it’s only mainly because we will be staying in his house when we go to France! 

As I mentioned before, the world is simply dropping French “things” [news, pictures, and other internet gems] into my virtual lap daily. Today I read this post on Marieclairvoyant about how Louis Vuitton started.

See, LV luggage today may cost as much as a deposit on a house, but back in the day [19th century] the trunks were made from waterproof waxed canvas! They were pretty functional, rather than amazingly luxurious as they are today.

There’s an exhibition in Paris happening from next month until 16 September on the brand’s history through the decades. I am, unfortunately, going to miss it by about a fortnight. But it is still pretty great, and promises to be very interesting. So, if you’re in Paris, please go, and send pictures, and make me jealous.



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