Johannesburg Zoo

14 Mar

I love the zoo.

I know people are all “it’s cruel to keep animals in cages” but these animals are well looked after and it is never a bad thing having a facility that can educate people on animals. This is the best place for kids to see these creatures, to be awed by their majesty, to learn about animals and nature and to, hopefully, be inspired enough by it all to someday do their best to protect these animals.

Anyway, two cents over! Back to the zoo.

I love it there. Next time I need to spend a whole day there to see all of the animals properly.

We saw Nelly.

Saw this absolute beauty! I assume he’s a Clydesdale and each of his hooves is bigger than my head.

This was just too sweet. There was a pile of lemurs, fast asleep, all holding onto each other! And when they finally woke up they were yawning and blinking slowly and hugging each other! I very nearly died of the cute.

Spectacled bear. Forever alone.

I suspect the lions had just had lunch.

We saw tonnes more. I must go back. Soon.


One Response to “Johannesburg Zoo”

  1. beaufortninja March 14, 2012 at 9:57 am #

    Those animals look like a bunch of bums. Just hangin around all day.

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