Reliving Our Second Date

31 Mar

We’re engaged!

Goodness, it has been a whirlwind two weeks. Bit somewhere amongst the madness of celebrating and planning a wedding, we found time to relive our second date.

Our first date was a bottle of very expensive red wine and crème brûlée at Cafe Paradiso.

But our second date was quite special. It happened almost a year ago, just after we met [29 March 2011], and we decided to relive it last week.

It starts with a beautiful drive from town to Kalk Bay, which includes a good walk to Cafe Olympia, our favourite Kalk Bay spot.

We sit at the window counter while people-watching, enjoy fresh bread with good olive oil and balsamic vinegar, a glass of wine, and great company. This time it included doing some wedding planning.

And then we eat mussels. These are so, so good! I could eat them every day.

The next stop is Simon’s Town. We normally get soft serve but the machine was broken this time.

But that didn’t put us off. We sat on the pier. Last time there were hundreds of tiny jellyfish in the water. This time there was a seal.

From there we go to Smitswinkelbaai, a fascinating town of about 15 houses which is inaccessible by car. You have to park at the top of this cliff and walk down to the town. It has amazing views, and our tradition is to slow dance on the slop of the mountain, overlooking the town and the ocean.

And then to Misty Cliffs for a walk on the beach, followed by chasing each other, and then a teenager-like few minutes of making out on the beach.

And finally, we stop at Chapman’s Peak to take in the view, and appreciate one another.

And then back home.

I look forward to sixty autumns of this.


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