Make Up and Hair: Check

12 Apr

Here’s something I can tell you for sure, even though I have never been married before: You need a hair and make-up artist for your wedding.

DIY hair and make-up look… like it’s DIY hair and make-up. And even if it looks alright in real life, you can be quite sure it won’t photograph very well. Unless you happen to be a hair and make-up artist yourself. But even then, surely you’d want to have someone do hair and make-up for your bridesmaids, maid of honour, mother, etc.?

Now, I don’t think that a hair and make-up artist is the first thing you need to sort out. Things like venue, photographer, and dress are very important. The first two must be found and booked as soon as possible!

I, however, am lucky enough to know one times rad, talented make-up artist. So my make-up artist has been booked from pretty much day one.

When booking a make-up artist, you’re looking at the same kinds of factors as photographers: quality of work; professionalism; online presence; attitude… The list goes on. But one thing to bear in mind is make-up in real life, versus make-up in pictures. Brides always want “natural” make-up. But make-up that is too natural-looking [you know, that “I look like I’m not not wearing any make-up and am just naturally gorgeous, but secretly this look took 2 hours” look?] can look very bleh in pictures. You just need a little bit more, for the sake of the pictures.

My make-up artist gets this. Because why? Because not only was she a television presenter for many years, she also did make-up for other presenters. In fact, that is how we met! She did my make-up for Studio 1 once upon a time. So she understands, from both perspectives, what works when there are cameras involved.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Natalie Roos. Also known as The Mermaid, friend of The Unicorn.

Let’s look at some of the reasons Natalie is rad, shall we?

  1. She is gorgeous. And maybe you don’t care what your make-up artist looks like, and maybe it doesn’t make a difference to the end product, but I would prefer to have someone beautiful in my face [and my pictures!]. That’s just me.

2. We have had awesome times together. So it’s not like I’ll be forced to spend hours making small talk with some awkward stranger telling me about her chihuahua’s bladder problems.

3. Natalie is just brilliant at doing hair and make-up.

You don’t really need more reasons now, do you?

Follow Natalie on Twitter, because she is hilarious!

Also, read her blog. Equally hilarious, and full of brief yet passionate obsessions.

Once you have a make-up artist, start thinking about what you want. Use Pinterest to get- and store ideas. Decide what you want, vaguely. Colour eye shadow, or natural? Statement lips, or smoky eyes? Pale and pretty, or striking and sultry? Think of what your best features are. I, for example, have small lips, but my eyes are pretty rad. I would like to accentuate them, as well as my modesty. What colour is your dress going to be? And your accessories? Do you suit warm or cool tones better? Do you quite like looking like a transvestite? These are questions you must ask yourself in order to get your perfect look on the day.

See? Wedding plan is actually quite simple!


4 Responses to “Make Up and Hair: Check”

  1. Jennifer Moss April 12, 2012 at 2:28 pm #

    I know just what you mean about photos vs real life. I do a lot of theatre, and to look “natural” on stage takes heavy duty foundation, contouring, false eyelashes and lots of colour to say the least! I’m sure she will make you look wonderful on your big day 🙂

  2. Lee April 13, 2012 at 1:17 pm #

    “can look very bleh in pictures” Just remember your wedding isn’t just about pictures. People tend to focus on ‘how will my dress photograph’ ‘more make up for pictures’ and forget about looking pretty on the actual day. You want him to say ‘wow’ now not later when looking through the pics

    • sixtywinters April 13, 2012 at 2:12 pm #

      Sure! I don’t want to look hideous on the day… Even if that means great pics. There are ways to make both work. But brides think next to no make-up is great, and while the day is not about pictures, pictures are hugely important as they are all that remains after it’s all done 🙂

  3. Nadia April 25, 2012 at 3:54 pm #

    I met my make-up artist by chance before the wedding. He has no online presence and he does not do trials either… He needs to see 3 things on the big day you, the dress an the venue. He was brilliant, not over done I still looked like me. Did my makeup at 11am and guests thought that the makeup artist did not leave and kept doing touch ups , my makeup was still perfect at 8pm. I did not even have to touch up on lipstick.

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