Engagement Party #1: Durban

16 Apr

On Saturday morning we flew to Durban to go view some venues in the Midlands [more on that later]. We almost didn’t make it for many reasons, including one o us oversleeping by an hour, 33 missed calls [on a phone NOT on silent], being locked outside an apartment, inside a stairwell, broken intercoms, and a lack of required documentation. How we got on our plan on time, I do not know.

But we did.

After viewing venues it was a quick stop at SC’s parents’ place, and then off to our first engagement party on Virginia Beach.

It was exactly what we planned: a barefoot gathering of friends and family, barefoot, on the beach, with punch in paper cups, a bonfire, and mini bunny chows!

My fiance is hot!

He also struggles to use my SLR.

Beach vibes! Gotten my Bridesmaid Margie.

Nicky and Greta contemplate how to help the balloons survive the wind.

These guys tried to crash our party.

Bridesmaid Margie creates beach-vibe straws.

SC with Groomsman Will. Future Father-in-Law, without whose help this would not have happened, in the background.

Friends and future family!

Future Mother-in-Law [second from left], who put in tons of hard work for all of this.

St Anne’s girls unite!

Bonfire, beach, bare feet.

I assume it’s a guy thing…

Friends around the fire.

Massive thanks to William The Groomsman and Margie The Bridesmaid as well as SC’s parents who put it all together. They did everything for us. All we did was come up with the idea. And arrive.

Oh, and to everyone who came. It really was quite wonderful.


4 Responses to “Engagement Party #1: Durban”

  1. Sandra October 15, 2013 at 9:38 am #

    Hi, just curious – did you have to get special permission to have the bonfire on the beach?

    • sixtywinters November 6, 2013 at 3:13 pm #

      Hi, Sandra. I remember my husband’s cousin saying something about fires being allowed on that beach [I think]. Hope that helps!


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