Engagement Party #2: Johannesburg

27 Apr

Last weekend we had our second of three engagement parties. 

It was absolutely fabulous. I picked SC up at the airport in the morning and we spent the afternoon doing our engagement shoot.

From there we went to The Westcliff, which is without doubt our favourite Jo’burg venue. It’s a regular high tea spot for us. And the party was absolutely fabulous. We had the Summer Terrace all to ourselves. The service was excellent throughout the night, we served Boschendal MCC upon arrival, and we had delicious platters from the hotel itself. Everyone looked stunning and I have to say it was super successful. The weather to begin with was gorgeous- not too cold, not windy, and not raining. At some point it started to rain and we moved inside to the Polo Lounge. The night ended with a handful of us drinking Jägerbombs under the heaters outside [smokers gotta smoke, etc], the bar closing and all of us leaving after midnight, happy after a wonderful night.

Beautiful Jo’burg, I miss you so.

My dashing fiancé!

Chatting and drinking with our guests.

My sister, me, and my mum.

Me with friends Mpumi, Dalton, Kat, and Marius.

SC and I with my dad and my stepmum, Lanie.

SC and me with Nkuli.

SC with his sisters, Jess and Ashleigh.

Future Father-In-Law with Future-Brother-In-Law in law… Or something like that…

SC and I are so, so very lucky to have the friends and family that we do.


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  1. sixtywinters - May 16, 2012

    […] we wanted to host a party that embodied the city’s vibe. Durban was barefoot on the beach, Jo’burg was a fancy pants hotel with champagne, and Cape Town was to be on a roof top. With drinks and […]

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