Bridesmaids: Check

30 Apr

Another vital wedding ingredient. Well, not vital. But I can’t think of a reason [other than having absolutely no friends] someone wouldn’t have any bridesmaids at all.

Now, when it comes to how many bridesmaids, that is trickier. A lot of people have very many bridesmaids. Like, 65 million! Okay, 6. Just 6. And I’m sure, in theory, that’s fine. But let me warn you: 6 is a cursed number when it comes to bridesmaids. Everyone I know who had 6 bridesmaids hated having 6 bridesmaids, and now only speaks to 3 of their 6 bridesmaids. True story.

Anyway. It was kind of hard to pick, and I could easily have gone with 5 or 6… But Simon has 3 groomsmen and so I decided to be cut-throat and only pick the bestest of the BFFs.

The next step was that I wanted to surprise them with the whole “Will you be my bridesmaid?” question. Well, 2 of them, anyway. See, Margs outright asked me “Can I assume I’m a bridesmaid?” the day after I got engaged. Of course, she only asked because she knew she was. But that was her surprise gone.

The other 2, who were still surprise-able, live in Italy and Canada. This made things a bit tricky, but I decided I would surprise my Future Bridesmaids no matter what it took!

My idea was to have bath robes made for each of them. You know, the bright pink, satin, short-sleeved, typical bridesmaid-y summer bath robe? That kind. Finding a tailor in Cape Town is, apparently, nigh on impossible, but after much asking, emailing, tweeting, Googling, and eventually driving around, I found one [more on that later]. He speaks precious little English but we managed, with the help of wild gesticulating and Google Images, to explain what a “bath robe” was.

Having found a tailor, and explained the garments I needed, the next problem was… measurements. These 3 girls live on 3 different continents. So it was up to me to do some light measurement stalking, and make the best of it all. The tailor measured me, and from there we imagine-measured the bridesmaids.

It went something like this:

“Okay, bridesmaid 1 is 7cm taller than I am, and 1 size bigger.”

The tailor would then scribble measurements on a piece of paper, and we would move onto imagining the next bridesmaid.

A few days later I returned to find 3 absolutely perfectly made, different sized summer bath robes! I was surprised, and tempted to give the man a giant hug [I refrained].

I then had a gorgeous card designed by the wonderful and talented Miss Anna Banana. I sent her a short description of each bridesmaid [Margs has gorgeous short, brunette, curly hair, Nina is blonde and has a HUGE smile on her face and is in Converse, Ang has dark hair, great boobs and bare feet- that kind of thing], and she sent me this:

Which, I have to say, I think is quite adorable and amazing.

And on the back I popped the bridesmaid question.

These were the tied with a big white ribbon [the robes’ “belts”] around the bath robes, put into into a sweet little boxes and sent to 3 different continents.

And voila! I have three bridesmaids!

1. Margaret. Also known as Margs/Margie. BFF from grade 9 at boarding school. We have gone through several phases of not speaking, and always become closer friends than before. She has an LLB and works at an NGO in Durban. Cynical, sarcastic, and a treasure chest of some of my best high-school [and life] memories. These include many occasions on which we laughed our stomachs into six packs at very random things, mastering the art of sleeping top-to-toe despite our dorm rooms being 3m apart, and doing what we could to make the boarding house extremely entertaining.

2. Nina. Also known as Ninske, The Sunshine Pirate, or 朋友. We took several classes together at university and she irritated me half to death. Then, in second year, the day we got back from summer school in China, we became BFFs and we have been ever since. Time together included performing whispered versions of Beatles songs in the library and meeting for chococinos and chocolate croissants almost every day to discuss boys and bands. Currently an au pair in Rome for some aristocrats in very high places. Yup, she lives in a palace. Made of sunshine, impossible to hate, and a partner in crime for some of my craziest university adventures.

3. Angela. Also known as Ang or Fulton. Another high school BFF, our friendship having started in maths class in grade 10. We did horse riding together and sat together in maths and science terrorising our poor teachers until matric. She lives in the tiny town of Whistler, Canada where she spends her time… Well, I’m not actually sure. But the story I tell everyone is that she snow boards very well, and often sees bears. Incredibly smart, completely crazy, and yet another partner in crime for many, many crazy times I’m amazed we survived.

And that is how you go about getting yourself some kickass bridesmaids.


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