We’re Going On Honeymoon!

2 May

Oh yes!

Just when you thought getting married is all about lace and roses, I am here to remind you of a very exciting component of our imminent matrimony: the honeymoon!

Yesterday was put aside for honeymoon “stuff”. I figured we’d go to a travel agent and start discussing the millions of flight options, and work out just how much of a fortune it was going to cost, and then put aside the next few weeks to decide which options would be best…

But somehow, everything worked out perfectly.

We got flights on the dates we wanted, from Durban to Prague, Prague to Marseilles [from where we will be going to Menerbes for a week in Provence], and finally from Paris [where we will be spending our last few days] back to Cape Town.

And they were a pretty decent price, too. So I actually bought the tickets there and then. Whoosh! Just like that! It was very thrilling.

And even more thrilling- the epic adventure that awaits us!

Prague. Provence. Paris.


More on this later. Meanwhile, here’s a video on Prague’s lesser-known must-see places, as told by a local.

Cannot wait!


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