Venue: Check

10 May

Finding a wedding reception venue in the Natal Midlands is tricky, to say the least.

For us, it had to meet the following requirements:

  • It must be available [obviously. Most venues were crossed off for this reason].
  • It must not be hideous.
  • It must be less than a million miles away from our chapel.
  • It must have Tiffany chairs [I’m sorry, those plastic chairs with the round backs covered in fabric with organza ribbons around them? Not for me.]
  • It must able to seat roughly 120 guests, with space for a dance floor.

Nice extras would have been having accommodation on site for family and bridal party, a venue hire fee which includes tables and chairs and cutlery and all that, somewhere nice to have pictures taken, and somewhere close by but also easy to get to.

After weeks of searching, I was beyond despondent. I was sure we would never find anything. One night, SC did a Google search, an action at which I rolled my eyes because we had clearly contacted EVERY venue in KwaZulu-Natal, when a new place popped up.

I was suspicious. Why was something so fabulous, and on such a prime location, available with under 6 months’ notice?! It had to be a scam. Deposit: your liver. Or after the music stops everyone is kidnapped and sold into slavery. Something awful like that.

But no. Mendola was available because it had just opened. In fact, we found it days after it’s official birth, and it ticks ALL the boxes.

Not hideous [and, in fact, quite stunning]: check!

Under a million miles away from chapel: check. It’s about 2-3km down the road. The same road, even.

Tiffany chairs: check. See? See how much more beautiful and classy they are!

It was available, and seats the exact number of guests we want at our wedding.

It also includes a beautiful location for photography, hire of every thing, a stunning, enormous kitchen, and wonderful people who are friendly and helpful with communication, questions, showing one around, and everything else.

So, it is official, we have our dream venue! And I absolutely cannot wait to get married there.

PS. They’re also on Facebook.


One Response to “Venue: Check”

  1. xdoomx May 11, 2012 at 5:59 am #

    I must admit, that venue looks fantastic. Nice going!

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