Shoes: Check

14 May

Shoes are, for me, a VERY important part of the wedding. I would sooner walk down the aisle naked, with Jimmy Choos, than getting married in terrible shoes.

Okay, not really… but you get the point!

Anyway, finding shoes took a while. Well, a few weeks. But I have no patience so it seemed like a lifetime.

My first choice was Louboutin, but if you’re dropping that much money on footwear, online shopping is scary! And truth be told, I hardly ever like the shoes in designers’ wedding ranges. No chance I’ll get married in white shoes- ew! I wanted something sparkly, or colourful.

Like everything else, it worked out perfectly. The Louboutin variety in South Africa is slim, but the perfect pair arrived! They were sent to Apsley 2 in the V&A Waterfront for me to try out, and I fell in love.

Had to show off the red sole, of course.

The silk was cut from one giant piece, so all the shoes are slightly different, which I love! Perfect for a spring wedding, no?

I love them! They are absolutely perfect and beautiful. Like art.

I am definitely taking these trotting around Paris for our honeymoon. They deserve it!

I stumbled across this video on my dear friends Marc and Sinead’s wedding blog, and even though Toms are not my vibe, this video is just too sweet not to share!


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