Love Apptually

13 Jun

Seeing as SC and I first started talking via Twitter, it made sense that we get a wedding app, right?

I discovered Appy Couple after reading an article on planning weddings online, and I truly think every couple getting married in this day and age should use this.

Basically it’s a free app [by invite only, at the moment] that you download and then you create your very own wedding app.

You can choose your own theme. There are a lot, and many of them come in different colours. We chose this Parisienne theme because there’s something of a travel them for our wedding, and we are going to Paris on honeymoon [after Prague and Provence].

You can upload pictures, and guests can do the same. They can also type a “toast” to the couple and upload it.

And how do you decide who gets access? Well, on the Appy Couple site you get an address book. You can sync the app with your Apple contacts, Google, Facebook- the works. Then when you start typing a wedding guests’s name it will auto-complete it, automatically add their email address, and store them as  guest. Once you’re done setting up the app you can select to send an email to all guests [you can specify if you’d like to invite them to only the reception or ceremony, or both] notifying them of the app- how it works, where to download it, and what the password is. You can personalise your security settings completely, to ensure you don’t have gate crashers on the app, or on the day!

You can also include pictures with your story- how you met, how [s]he proposed, and a little bit about the bride and groom as people.

You can give details about the wedding day. Create “events” for things like the ceremony, the reception, the engagement party, etc. And then add details like mood pictures, palette, directions, where to park, where to stay, the weather, and anything else you might want to include like details about child care, dress code, and the significance of the venue.

There’s also a section detailing your wedding registry [more on that later], as well as Key People. This is tonnes of fun. I created one for bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family. You can add them via Facebook, you can upload a picture, and list what their role is and how they fit into your life. We had a blast talking about how we met each person, what we’ve been through with them, and what they are like.

Hoorah for the modern wedding! Too much fun for words.


One Response to “Love Apptually”

  1. Vivek Ratkalkar June 14, 2012 at 7:34 pm #

    Hi Lizzie,

    Thank you for the great post on Appy Couple! We are thrilled that you are enjoying the experience.

    All the best,

    Vivek Ratkalkar
    Marketing Manager

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