Ring Pillows For The Wedding

14 Jun

In some ways, I’m very traditional, in others… not so much!

Ring pillows are not my favourite thing. I just find them kind of kitsch and granny ish, personally. I mean, I cannot imagine my diamond wedding band coming down the aisle on this:

When you Google “ugly ring pillow” and “ring pillow” the image results are much the same/ #imjustsayin

The alternatives to a ring pillow range from kitsch [animals being the ring bearers, little wooden nests] to sweet ideas like:

Fabric flowers.


Initialed wood.

But by far the alternative that has spoken to me the most is this one:

This is just perfect for us! Firstly, the lace and twine go with our soft, romantic, vintage-style spring wedding. It also ties in nicely with our literary centrepieces! It’s pretty [very important], and most importantly it includes a Bible, which is at the very centre of our relationship.

So, my maid of honour will be walking down the aisle with this, instead of flowers.

I can’t wait.

Images [mostly] from Pinterest.


One Response to “Ring Pillows For The Wedding”

  1. thecolouredfulwife June 18, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

    My favourite too!!

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