Prague in 100 Days!

17 Jun

So, when the wedding planning gets really busy and things seem kind of overwhelming, it helps to take a step back and look at the amazing journey of marriage itself, rather than “having a wedding”. It helps to look at exciting things like moving in together and seeing friends from afar, or counting blessings like how awesome our families have been throughout all of this.

But it also helps to take some time out to lust over your honeymoon destination.

Our first destination [of 3]: Prague.

I look forward to crossing bridges that are from fairytales…

Walking the golden glow of fairytale streets at night with my love.

Visiting fairytale buildings.

Skipping down fairytale cobbled streets while holding hands and singing.

And generally live in a fairytale land of beauty, and beer. And Czech pastries!

I love the idea of exploring a city, and taking things as they come, rather than being part of a tour group for the duration of the trip. Also the idea of finding magical little spots that aren’t tourists nests. In Cape Town, for example, I love so many places [and go to them regularly] and none of them are typical touristy spots. Which is why this video is an absolute gem- the idea of this travel [web] TV is that the crew follows a local, who shows them around the city itself, not just its tourist attractions. Secret garden, great food, and pubs with good beer and friendly locals? Yes please!


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