Omnomnom Wedding Cake

19 Jun

I was never one of those girls who planned my wedding from the day I was conceived. But one thing I always thought would be quite nice is to have a tower of cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. I mean, not many people actually eat the wedding cake. And wedding cakes can sometimes be awfully over the top. And not too delicious.

However, SC did want a cake. Even if just a small, for us to cut. I am perfectly happy with that! So we decided on a tower of cupcakes, with a small [but not oddly tiny] cake at the top of the tower.

So we chatted to our cake maker, the very amazing Sue Edgcumbe. The initial thought was to have vanilla cupcakes with meringue icing. Delicious, not too sweet, and beautiful and glossy-looking. But since then our decor has headed in a slightly more soft, romantic, vintage direction, so the cupcakes had to mirror this.

It’s a bit tricky, planning a KZN wedding from Cape Town, but this weekend a friend of ours went to Durban, and she brought back our cupcake sample from Sue.

How utterly gorgeous are these?

Of course, we had to sample them…

And by “sample” I mean “eat all of”…

And the best part is, they taste as good as they look!

I don’t think I have ever been so in love with cupcakes.

As for the actual cakes, we’re still playing around with ideas. There are, quite simply, too many options out there!

I mean, do we go for a soft, understated cake?

A floral cake?

A quilted cake?

A lace cake?

A theme cake?

Decisions decisions!

Meantime, please enjoy some of the cakes we will NOT be having at our wedding.

And then treat your eyeballs to some baking heaven.


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