New Discovery: Sgt Pepper’s on Long Street

20 Jun

I while back SC and I went to Sgt Pepper’s Eatery for a cocktail. It was a Saturday afternoon, they allowed our dog [well, the one we were dog-sitting for the day] to join us, and the vibe was laid-back- exactly what we needed. The cocktails were delicious, and the music there is always great.

Since then I hadn’t been back, and I hadn’t eaten there.

But last night we decided to kick our “wedding diet” to the curb for one night, and enjoy the Sgt Pepper’s Tuesday special: two for one pizza.

That’s right: TWO FOR ONE!

We asked them to recommend two pizzas, and Dominic [he’s great, ask for Dominic!] suggested something with chicken, camembert, rocket, and cranberry. The other one had ground beef with red onion and basil. And they were so, so damn good, that I could possibly give up being thin for a life of eating Sgt Pepper’s pizza every day, twice a day.

They’re on Long Street near Journey, and there’s also one in Stellenbosch.

Go there. Trust me.

Follow Sgt P’s on Twitter here, and like them on Facebook here.


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