Wedding Stationery: The Invitations

20 Jun

I just got a message from our designer that she has picked up our invitations! [She had them printed where she lives since I would have absolutely no idea how to answer questions about ink and grain and all that.] Now, I obviously haven’t seen them myself [only the electronic version of the final design], or felt the paper, or any of that. I will only see them tomorrow, when I fly to Jo’burg.

For our invitations, we were thinking of going with a kind of travel theme… Not that that is in our decor, but the wedding is something of a cross-country affair. We had 3 engagement parties in 3 different provinces, our bridal party and guests are coming from all over the world, we live in Cape Town but are getting married in KwaZulu Natal, and we are traveling abroad for our honeymoon.

Love the old school mail border.

Maps. So rad.

Air mail. And the world!

Love typography, much like we did for our engagement party invites.

Fonts and travel and oh my!

Small details.

Twine. Especially since we have invites, maps, and registry cards to keep together!

 So many beautiful ideas! [Thank you, Pinterest].

 For now, I am holding thumbs that the invitations will be absolutely beautiful. Will report back tomorrow!



One Response to “Wedding Stationery: The Invitations”

  1. Kate Andrews @ Themed Wedding Stationary August 30, 2012 at 8:55 am #

    The last wedding invitation looks simple yet so cute. Great ideas!

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