Weekend in Jo’burg in Pictures

26 Jun

Last week Thursday I flew up to Jo’burg for a work-related event, and decided to stay for the full weekend to catch up with family and friends, and deliver some of our wedding invitations to our Jo’burg guests.

Thursday night: Wine with the GBF, @simongerber, at Piza e Vino at The Zone. Much needed after a loooong day. PS. How much do we LOVE his Gryffindor scarf? I would totes be in Gryffindor or Slytherin. You?

Followed by sushi and more wine [and some bubbly] at Future Sister-in-Law’s place for an “invitation party”.

Everyone pitched in with tying, folding, assembling, cutting, closing, stamping, painting, and everything else!

Friday: More invitation making

And in between work and madness, delivering the finished product. And after yet another incredibly long day, drinks with friends! @XandervdMerwe, plus his chickita.

Saturday: coffee in bed and doggies as hot water bottles. A facial at the salon after visiting family.

A braai with The Gays. I was the only female, and only straight person. 11 gay men. 1 straight woman. Only person without Lady Gaga tickets [guess who].

Then went to a gay club. The lesbians were mean to me. There were shirtless men dancing on the stage. The gays were wonderful. Body shots happened. Of course.

Sunday: After too little sleep and the GBF once missing the train and then almost missing it a second time- tea with the girls. @Mpum_mpum [bridesmaid] and @_Dame_. Both fabulous school friends.

Overate. Poached eggs with mushrooms, tomato, and a huge ciabatta. Most amazing croissant ever. Macarons. Coffees.

And finally, after more invitation deliveries, family catch-ups, and madness, a flight back home. Delayed by an hour and a half, to land after 11pm. But still. Back in Cape Town with my love.


One Response to “Weekend in Jo’burg in Pictures”

  1. Jerusha July 4, 2012 at 8:19 am #

    This post made me think of my favourite line from Will&Grace where Karen says: “You know I say I root for Gryffindor, but secretly I love my Slytherin boys.”

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