Chocolate and Wine at Waterford

8 Jul

SC and I decided we needed to treat ourselves/get out of the city/do something we don’t often do/indulge this weekend. So we did all of those things in one!

We went for a chocolate and wine tasting at Waterford Estate in Stellenbosch. They have several options, ranging from a simple wine tasting to a tasting which includes a tour of the farm. They are also well-known for their chocolate and wine pairing tastings. We went for the wine and chocolate and wine tasting. That is, tasting five wines, and thereafter another three, which are paired with chocolate.

It was such a lovely day. At 1pm we took a leisurely drive out to Stellenbosch. It was a gorgeous, crisp, sunny winter’s day with remnants of the rain on Friday. The drive itself is beautiful, and the estate grounds are simply glorious! Rolling lawns, lanes lined with massive old trees, and a building that looks like you just stepped into Florence [or something- I’ve never been to Florence so don’t take my word for it].

We grabbed a seat by the window to enjoy some afternoon sun. I’m not as much of a white wine fan as I am red, but Waterford’s white wines are delicious! The blanc de noir and chardonnay are delicious [we even bought a bottle of the blanc de noir- it is the most exquisite colour]. Their cabernet sauvignon was good, too, although I much prefer their whites. As for the chocolate and wine pairing: You get board with details of the chocolate and wine printed on it. Three wines, three chocolates. You have them left to right and you take a sip of wine first, followed by a bite of chocolate, and then wine again.

A masala chai dark chocolate is served with a shiraz. This chocolate has so many different flavours, from a spiciness that almost reminded me of biltong, to cinnamon and cloves, it stayed interesting from start to finish. Thereafter it’s the cabernet sauvignon with rock salt dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate with salt, and I thoroughly enjoyed their cabernet sauvignon! Lovely to have after dinner, I’d imagine. Lastly we had their dessert wine paired with rose geranium chocolate. Oh. My. Goodness. We thought it odd when the man serving us said some people thought it tasted like Zoo Biscuits. But it totally does! The dessert wine is absolutely delicious, and the chocolate is a smooth, milky chocolate that tastes like turkish delight and Zoo Biscuits. If I weren’t trying to get in shape for our wedding, I would have bought 6 slabs of the stuff. [You can buy wine at the estate, as well as the chocolate, which goes for R50 per slab.]

Afterwards we took a stroll around, followed by a drive around Stellenbosch where I showed SC some of my favourite hang out spots, where I had my classes, the res I stayed in, my old horse riding club, and other sights from my varsity life.

I definitely think getting out of the city is something we should do more often. Of course I cannot wait till we’re married and living together and are able to go away for the weekend together! If you’re keen for some gorgeous surrounds, and a little indulgence, try Waterford.


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