Things I Want RIGHT NOW [Or Sometime During The Next Few Years Of My Life]

13 Jul

1. These bowls. We have a couple’s personal trainer. Nothing is too cheesy for us!

2. These porcelain cactuses. I recently managed to kill a cactus [well, an aloe, but whatever]. Dead. Like, a lump of black and brown deadness in its tiny terracotta coffin pot. So I would like these. They’re pretty, anyway. And they will never die!

3. Box sets of the following movies/shows from my childhood: She-Ra; My Little Pony [the vintage kind, not these new skinny things with diamante eyeballs!]; Care Bears; and Rainbow Bright [who is totes my alter ego]. I would die of happiness if I received one of those periodically over the next decade. I have no idea what suddenly made me all nostalgic [probably the fact that Rascals are coming back], but all I want right now is to cuddle up with toasted cheese sarmies and hot chocolate and watch all of these.


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