Thursdays at St George’s Market

19 Oct

Living in town has been amazing so far! I walk to work, recently we walked to a birthday thing just off Long Street, and everything is close by and lively!

One of the best things about it is our new ritual: Thursdays at St George’s market.

Our flat looks onto St George’s mall, which is a lovely pedestrian-only street with trees running down the middle, lined with galleries, eateries, and more. On Thursdays the walkway gains some stalls and turns into a small market which, as of yet, has not turned into the kind that just has throngs of people pouring in so that ultimately no one can move and there certainly is nowhere to sit down.

So we decided we would visit it every week as a little ritual of ours. This week was our first time and while we had to rush [since half our lunch break had been taken up by taking Home Fixers around the flat to discuss home thing], it was lovely!

We got some cheese from a farm in Swellendam, tons of fresh fruit and veg for the week, and a small bunch of pincushion Proteas. We also grabbed some lunch [an unhealthy bockwurst since I am still on my honeymoon diet] and took in the different stalls. The Creamery is there, selling their unparalleled ice cream [you have to try it!]. I have my eye on some paella for next time! There are also stalls selling desserts, biltong, various kind of ready-made food [spring rolls, curry, hamburgers, wraps, you name it!], spices, and tons more.

Check it out. It’s a wonderful break from the office.


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    […] the Phrenology Vase, from Chandler House by Michael Chandler. We got some pincushion Proteas at the Earth Fair last week and I just love how they look! It’s nice to have something gorgeous when everything […]

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