Making a House a Home

24 Oct

Our flat is chaotic right now. We have stuff from when we moved in that hasn’t even been unpacked, we have stuff that’s been packed away for now but still needs to find a place in the house, we have new stuff from honeymoon, wedding gifts, and because it’s a small flat we haven’t got nearly enough storage [like shelves!]. It’s beautiful, but still needs a lot of work to make it functional, super stylish, and “home”.

But while we’re busy with bigger stuff like deciding on painting walls and where to put shelves [and and and], some stuff is already lovely. Like this vase:

It’s called the Phrenology Vase, from Chandler House by Michael Chandler. We got some pincushion Proteas at the Earth Fair last week and I just love how they look! It’s nice to have something gorgeous when everything else seems to be in a state of [slight] pandemonium.

I love Chandler’s stuff. I also want the Cape Gable book ends, and more than anything the Pierneef scatter cushion. How gorgeous?

More home updates coming soon!


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