36 Man is Here!

26 Oct

I’ve always liked 36 boutiques. South Africa was in much need of an online shopping platform and while there are others, locally, 36 was a step ahead. It has great brands, an online magazine well worth reading [with seriously beautiful shoots, which show you how to style the stuff in the shop], and great service [like free delivery and returns].

Shopping for me is difficult [and depressing] in South Africa. This is a generalisation, of course, and we have some amazing local designers and we are slowly getting more and more international brands in [hello, Zara!]. But a lot of the time I find the clothes over-priced, the ranges are dismally limited, I struggle to find my size.

But if you think that’s bad, try being a guy in South Africa! I mean, there is just nothing for them. I try go shopping with SC or any of my GBFs and I just want to cry for the man with style in South Africa.

So the arrival of 36 Man is very exciting. The sight looks great and functions much like 36 Boutiques, so no complaints there! I’ve had a look at the stock they have at this stage and there is a really good range of basics, more fun items, and then items that only the super fab man with a masters degree in pulling off difficult looks could wear. So, something for everyone! I know 36 Man is going to come in handy when I’m stuck on what to get SC for his birthday/Christmas/a random just-because-you’re-awesome gift.

Some people have mentioned that it is very similar to Mr Porter, to the point that they feel it is a direct copy. My response to this is that a) that is not a bad thing, b) they’re very much the same thing so yes, well done on that observation, and c) it isn’t really possible to be original in this day and age. So, from my side, all is forgiven, mostly because a local version of Mr Porter can only be a good thing. And even so I don’t think it is offensively similar to Mr Porter.

Some of my favourite items include:

This bow tie from Craig Port.

These brogues from CSquared.

These skinnies from Neuw.

These chinos from Lyle and Scott.

Now to get SC to agree to wear these! Wonder what his favourite pieces are from the site. I sense another blog post coming soon!



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