Summer Skin!

8 Nov

It’s summer in South Africa! Well, getting there. Every now and then we still have overcast days with a chilly wind blowing, but we’re definitely getting there. But summer means more than just cocktails and lounging by the pool. It’s a whole new season, meaning a few skincare routine changes.

I am sunscreen obsessed [and you should be, too]. I have also taken on the task of ensuring SC is covered in SPF whenever we go outside [shame, his poor English skin cannot handle the South African sun at all!]. So this new product from Nimue is pretty much my favourite thing ever. It’s an SPF4, but unlike the stuff your mum would have smeared on your face as a child, this is not oily or sticky, and it doesn’t smell like a food group or bubblegum. Your face won’t be shiny and feel gross and slimy. It will feel just like your regular moisturiser, but you’ll be protected from the sun! It really does not get better than that. For every day use they also have a great SPF 20, and a tinted version.

Be careful with the SPF lotions you buy. Do your research. Many of these only protect against certain rays, and many don’t offer protection at all! It’s dangerous, so don’t be tempted by strawberry scent and pretty packaging. I like to go for scientifically formulated SPF, so that I know it works.


It’s summer sandals season, and trust me there are few things as unattractive as dry, cracked, old-lady heels. If your heels are prone to this, use the Nimue heel treatment. It works!

Mine have been okay so far so I just use a regular moisturiser. I don’t like my body products smelling like chocolate or fruit or whatever. I think that tons of perfumes and things can compromise the function, so I go with good ol’ aqueous cream. R20 a tub, and it will last for months!

There are only 3 lip treatments worth using, in my opinion:

1. Nimue lip treatment. Smells a tiny bit like vanilla or cocoa butter or something. Not thick and greasy, applies smoothly, makes your lips look healthy, and keeps them moist.

2. 8 Hour Cream. An old faithful, and 90% of the global population’s number 1 beauty product they cannot live without. The only complaint they have ever gotten is about the smell, and they make an odourless version now, too. Win.

3. ZamBuk. It’s a South African thing. Smells vile, does the job, costs next to nothing.

Nothing more refreshing than a sprits of Vitamin C in the morning! This will leave your face feeling fresh and summery, and it’s a great way to wake yourself up first thing in the AM.

I recently acquired some of Revlon’s hand cream with SPF 10. I like that it has an SPF [although I take care to apply a higher SPF to larger freckles on my hands], it smells nice enough without being overwhelming, and it doesn’t leave my hands feeling oily- the lotion seeps in quickly. I apply this at night as I get into bed, and I find I can generally go the next day without hand cream.

So, that’s my summer skin guide, in a nutshell. I still stick with my evening routine of Nimue cleansing gel, following by their conditioner, and then a moisturising night cream [sometimes with the Super Hydrating Serum under that]. In the morning I just rinse my face, condition, and then apply my SPF. That stays much the same throughout the year, but a few things need to be upped or added, as shown above.





2 Responses to “Summer Skin!”

  1. Mel November 8, 2012 at 10:44 am #

    I’ve heared a lot of good things from nimue products, I’m gonna have to try one of their serums!

    • sixtywinters November 8, 2012 at 10:47 am #

      If nothing else, try the Super Hydrating Serum. Miracle in a bottle, I tell you!

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