Some More Home Makeover-ing

10 Dec

Our place came fully furnished when we bought it, which has been veyr convenient! We haven’t been stuck without, for example, chairs, while we save up to buy some. However, the furniture in the flat is… let’s just say, “not exactly to our taste”. Most of it is very standard, hotel-like furniture. Some of it is just “I wouldn’t personally buy that”, some of it is hideous.

The carpet, for example. To quote a friend of ours: “Wasn’t that in Austin Powers?” Outdated, but also completely discoloured and nasty-looking after years of being in there.

This, in my opinion, is a huge improvement:



I just love our Nguni hide. I love that it’s African, but also that it isn’t your typical Nguni colour and pattern. I also think it does a fair bit to lighten up the room.

We got ours at Woodheads in Cape Town [there’s also one on the Midlands Meander].



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