Couture Christmas

12 Dec

As I mentioned in the Christmas tree post, I never used to be a huge Christmas lover, and now I just SUPER love it!

Have a real Christmas tree has made my year. I love wrapping gifts, I love giving gifts- it just thrills me!

I’m not afraid of cheesy Christmas-ness. And so you can imagine my delight when I saw Charlotte Olympia’s Christmas range. Couture + Christmas? I could just perish with joy!

jingle-bell_v_5dec12_b_426x639Jingle bells shoes. Oh, I would be a-trottin’ all over the house with these!


The best part is the Christmas-y bits of these shoes are removable! So from January-November you just have a pair of really fabulous, non-themed shoes. No one can argue with that.


Just delicious!


I have my eyes on those black shoes and this clear perspex clutch [which comes with a little velvet red/green clutch to put inside]. Hard!



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