The Road to 10km

17 Jul

Last year we got a personal trainer for the months leading up to our wedding. It was serious stuff. I see people spinning in the gym while chatting with their trainers and I chuckle. This trainer had us on the floor, crying and/or vomiting, after every session. I was already thin, but I lost at least 8% body fat, lost 2.5cm around my waist, 1.5 around each thigh, and so forth. I was amazed- being thin to begin with I didn’t even know that was possible! We gained muscle, and generally looked flipping fabulous.

Then we went to France. We drank red wine, ate croissants, baguettes, and pain au chocolat, cheese, red meat, hot chocolate, macarons- you name it- all. the. time! We got back to SA and stayed on the honeymoon diet, fluctuating between sticking to Paleo sometimes, and cheating more often than not, at other times. And then one day, we decided, enough. We were in mourning not only for our wedding bodies, but also for the feeling of being fit, healthy, and strong.

We took on a twelve week running programme to run 10km. I need structure when it comes to exercise, personally. I can’t just “run till I’m tired” because inevitable I stop before I really need to. This programme means I have to do as much as is specified, whether that means pushing myself hard, or feeling really great about having not struggled through a run too badly.

We’re in week four now. As always these things start easy: walk two minutes, run three, repeat five times. Then we were running six minutes at a time, then nine, and then twenty. Today will be or first twenty five minute run, so four kilometers non stop.

It’s been great to get back into it. It’s lovely having a partner to run with you, for support, company, and motivation. On days where one of us doesn’t feel like running, the other insists. Although we’ve gotten to the point where we really look forward to running, and make a point of fitting it in.

Obviously it’s winter here in Cape Town, but you’d never guess. Temperatures are lower but most days it’s clear skies, no wind, and breathtaking sunsets. We’ve run in overcast weather and light drizzle or wind three times- might be a bit harder to hit the road when winter arrives properly!

And of course, the beautiful city we live in makes running easier. We generally run along the mountain road, the promenade, or around gardens area- the company’s garden, St George’s Mall, and the CBD. If we’re feeling strong we will go up Signal Hill, bit the hills are pretty killer for beginners.

I’ll be posting some updates as we go along. For now, here are some pictures of the scenery we get to enjoy on our runs. Thank you, Cape Town!








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