Things I Love/Want/Need Right Now

29 Jul

Inspired by The Mermaid‘s recent post, I decided I’d do a little write up on things I want need right now. This post comes conveniently 11 days before my 25th birthday. Do with that what you want.

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 6.37.17 PM

First up: Books! Man oh man, my want will never be satisfied. I want all of the books ever. And it seems the more I buy, the longer the list I want. But I don’t even see that as a bad thing! The Satanic Verses, A Suitable Boy, 100 Years of Solitude, Moby Dick, pretty much all of Jane Austen, The Three Musketeers… The list is almost endless. I’m always on the hunt for beautiful copies of books, and they’re the one thing that truly make me feel richer when I buy them.

This picture also happens to include a picture of my Missibaba bag. I want all of the Missibaba EVER. I spend hours every week lusting after their crazy “feather” head dress, lap top bag, epaulettes, and all of the other things. I have a Missibaba hand bag, shopper bag, and cosmetics bag, and they are my favourite things. Missibaba has pretty much never made a bag or belt that I didn’t like. Want forever.


Nice booze. We recently got a beautiful vintage drinks trolley, and it’s the best reason to invest in some fancypants alcohol. I’m a tad obsessed with Jorgensen’s, as it’s local, delicious [seriously, vodka so smooth you can sip it like a liqueur], and has display-worthy packaging. And buying this for me would be a self-investment, you see, because you could partake in the drinking thereof upon visits. Win win.

Go-forth-look-book3 Go-forth-look-book2

Flower crowns. We’ve been dying for someone to make these, and Emma Jane Harbour has finally saved the day! I absolutely adore these gigantic flower crowns, and I have a feeling I would wear them all day, every day. Like a flower princess.

FK_geodrop-earr-008-5-e1361866312132 FK_circle-ring-002-4-e1361866121680 FK_2toneFacet-002-1-e1361866189470 F-femur-R-003-r1-e1361866203206

Famke jewelry. I have long been a fan of this girl’s wares. She is talented, and while I’m not much of a jewelry person her simple designs really speak to me. I love the round silver rings- so delicate and subtle. These bone rings look super badass stacked in threes, and those earrings! Divine. Plus, supporting local is another great reason to shop!


Panama hats. Simon got himself one of these in Provence on our honeymoon and I have lived in hat envy since. We saw one at Benger, right across from our apartment, and basically I walk past it often and wish it were mine. Summer, maxi dresses, sandals. Mmmm.


Pichulik. This was also on Natalie’s list and reminded me of how much I love these designs. As mentioned, I’m not much of a jewelry person but a good statement neckpiece is something I would love. Another local designer who is doing amazing things. I mean, just LOOK at that piece on the left! Have you ever?


The perfect parka. I’ve been looking for the perfect parka for the perfect country chic look [you know, for when we’re in the country], and in my search I have become obsessed with parkas. Love.

And then there are the fairly predictable things: Hair products [because I’m not a hair person but have resolved to become one, and am currently in search of great hair treatments]; bath products [bubble bath just seems to be something I never ever buy]; beauty products [because who doesn’t love a bit of Chanel or Dior on their birthday]; vouchers [until such time as I can buy the Waterfront for myself, V&A vouchers are the next best thing]; and a pony.


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  1. Kirsty July 30, 2013 at 10:57 am #

    Eleven days? Cool. It’s in diary.

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