22 Aug

I’m writing a quick post to explain why, for the next while, I will either be very quiet, or posting random videos pretending I’m posting stuff on here when really it’s just a cop-out.

At the moment, I am quite busy. Now, I get annoyed when normal people with normal jobs go oooon and ON about how busy they are, because you know what, Barack Obama is busy, and you don’t see him making such a BFD about it all day on Twitter. But, right now, I am sincerely busier than usual, and here’s why:

I work full time. That’s 08h30 till 17h30, five days a week.

I have a business on the side which is in stage 1 – operating but not yet profitable, and currently entering phase 2 where we’re going from one product… to 22.

I just started my BComm in Business Management, which I am doing through correspondence. On top of this, because I am going to Europe next week [!!!], I am trying to complete all assignments by next Thursday so that I don’t have to work during the trip, or be in a panic from the second I get home. That means 10 assignments. I’m 4 down at the moment, and I can tell you that, having studied supply and demand in economics, time is in very high demand in Lizeland right now.

I came up with another business idea earlier this year. I pitched it a few months ago, got the go-ahead for funding [which was a huge deal to me because it requires a large amount of start-up capital and the investor really liked the idea and readily offered me the loan so I feel like a real-life smart business person of awesomeness], and I got word two nights ago that the woman to whom I pitched to partner with me on this one accepted the proposal! So now that is also happening, and we’re in the very beginning stages of setting everything up.

And then there’s the usual other stuff: running; a husband; and general  life activities that will keep me a little bit sane; planning for our first anniversary trip in Paris and Rome [!!!]; and having a full-time cat.

So pardon the silence. Lizeland should be back to normal in about 5-8 years!


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