The lunchtime missions: 16 September 2013

16 Sep

So today was the start of my new personal project: the lunchtime missions.

Today during my lunch hour I walked down to Adderley Street to the flower sellers to get some flowers for our flat. The flat is between Adderley and work, so afterwards I stopped there to drop them off, giving me a quick chance to say hello to Éponine, also. I had a nice walk down Long Street, stopped at the piece of the Berling Wall on St George’s Mall (which is right below where we live)- there’s a grammatical error on the plaque, tell me if you spot it if you ever visit the wall! It was too cold to go read in the park, hence deciding to do some admin instead.

I also found out some interesting facts about the flower sellers that I’ve always wanted to know! They’re been doing for 151 years now, and the woman from whom I bought my flowers is a third generation flower seller. I also asked how they decide who gets which spot- I mean, being tucked away in the back can’t be great, surely? Well, they rotate on a monthly basis.

Also, I’ve noticed there’s always someone there, even in the middle of the night, keeping watch over the flowers that they don’t pack up at the end of the day. So if you ever drive past there late at night on your way to buy food, maybe spare a thought for them and get them a coffee or a snack while you’re stocking up?

Now, I know none of this is exactly life-changing stuff. But it sure beats eating lunch at your desk, staring at your computer screen, no? I saw a piece of the Berlin Wall, found out something I didn’t know about a prominent feature in my city, and I got some fresh air.

Who knows what tomorrow holds.







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