Spindel, You Are My Friend

18 Sep

Look, I’m no domestic goddess- not by any stretch of the imagination! SC does most of the cooking, though [and it’s so good!] that I try make up for that with other chores like tidying and laundry. But, as anyone living in Cape Town will tell you, laundry can be a bit tricky in this town during the winter months because it rains all the time. Wet plus cold weather doth not a dry load make. And unless you’re earning a CEO’s salary, constant tumble drying will flatten your wallet in no time, not to mention the fact that it isn’t great for clothes.

Spindel_high res (rolled towels)

I’d heard about Spindel from several of my friends, and a few weeks ago they surprised me with my very own Spindel! We tried it out last week when we had a mountain of washing to do after our trip. Eventually we ran out of house space to hang everything up to dry, and decided it was time to try this guy out. It’s as simple as plugging it in, packing it full of your clothes [folded], and giving them a spin for three minutes [no, seriously, that’s all! Three minutes, people]. Spindels don’t use extreme heat to dry the clothes, they just spin really really super duper fast. And because you pack the clothes in tightly, they don’t go all over the place and get stretched and tangled. So, while I don’t normally get overly excited about household appliances, I can definitely get behind something that saves my clothes and my electricity bill, while being extremely useful to me as well.

I probably haven’t explained this terribly well, so watch the view below. But before you do that, here’s some good news: Spindel is on special on One Day Only tomorrow, marked down from R1 599 to R1 199! So if I haven’t given you enough reason to get one, there is just no hope for you…



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