The lunchtime missions/tourist in my own city: Kevin Atkinson exhibition at the National Gallery

8 Oct

Last week was a lunchtime missions disaster! Every day had a lunchtime meeting of some sort. But yesterday the sun was shining and I had lunch free, so I got my gallery card and off I went.

Because I’ve bought an annual pass to the Iziko National Gallery, I want to work through it slowly. I started with the very first room’s exhibition: South African artist Kevin Atkinson.

It was pretty interesting. His art is very modern and to be honest I didn’t like much of it (although that’s no reason to see art, anyway). I also imagine there’ll be a lot of “my five year-old could do this” types of comments from people.

Some of his smaller sketches really appealed to me, and it’s interesting to read about how he was received in South Africa- he got a lot of flack for being unpolitical and thus un-South African in his art. There’s also a partial recreation of his studio in the gallery.

I got through the entire thing in about half an hour and I would definitely recommend a visit. I wasn’t really allowed to take pictures but I only found this out by asking (there were no signs stating as much) so I’ve included one pic here.

Next up: the Against the Grain exhibition.


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One Response to “The lunchtime missions/tourist in my own city: Kevin Atkinson exhibition at the National Gallery”

  1. Chas Spain October 8, 2013 at 11:09 am #

    Love those days

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