My Fantasy Beauty Advent Calendar

6 Nov


A while ago I read about something called the Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar. It’s exactly what it sounds like- an advent calendar but instead of chocolates you get a beauty product every day! MUCH better than chocolate in my opinion. So I got to thinking how awesome it would be to assemble a beauty advent calendar containing all my favourite beauty products, and decided to assemble a fantasy beauty advent calendar [‘fantasy’ as this would cost me a million billion rand. Someday I will do this, though!]. This is what I would put in my perfect beauty advent calendar:

  1. Chanel Bonheur: I recently discovered this lipstick. It’s a strong colour that’s not too pink, not too dark, and not too sparkly. It’s perfect for night time and rounds off a look perfectly, plus I love the Chanel lipsticks for their texture and moisturizing abilities.
  2. Nimue Super Hydrating Serum. This is a miracle product, and I couldn’t live without it. I apply it before my night cream and wake up with plump, glowing skin.
  3. Pureology conditioner. I’ve never really been someone who buys expensive hair products, but this is amazing! It leaves my hair in much better condition before my trim every three months. I don’t love the minty smell as minty things remind me of foot cream, but other than that I love it.
  4. Nuxe multi-purpose oil. I bought this recently and I love it! It feel super luxurious and it smells like heaven. You only need a teeny bit and it’s multi-purpose [hair, face, body] so honestly, what’s not to love?
  5. Essie Chinchilla. I just love the colour of this grey nail polish. It looks really chic and elegant and goes with everything so you don’t need to worry about bright yellow clashing with your red dress, or anything like that.
  6. Nimue SPF 40. I use this every single day, even in winter and when I’m indoors all day. It offers high protection but isn’t sticky and gross like a lot of SPFs. It also isn’t super oily, and I even apply it around my eye area.
  7. Chanel Rouge Noir. The most classic of all nail polishes, surely? A deep, rich colour with a decent pop culture nod. I doubt I will ever stop wearing this.
  8. Dior Rock Coat. This is a semi-transparent charcoal nail polish that you apply over other colours to give them a smokey finish. It’s a nice way to shake things up without having to invest in multiple new nail polishes, and gives otherwise neutral or very feminine colours a bit of an edge. I also love the Dior nail polishes brushes- they’re broad so application is super smooth and easy.
  9. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. I learnt about this from All Dolled Up and it’s pretty much my favourite beauty product now. The colour is perfect, I love the texture [and have since come to prefer cream blushers over powder] and once again this is multi-purpose so it’s great for travel or to pop into your tiny clutch bag.

10. Eyelash curlers.* This is really just something I don’t have but should have!

11. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I started using this earlier this year and I love it. Like the Nimue Super Hydrating Serum, I can see results the morning after I use it, and it leaves my skin dewy and delicious. SC also uses it often.

12.  Essie Barefoot & Topless. As seen on MEJ’s Instagram feed; the perfect, classy neutral for summer hands and feet.

13. Nimue Vitamin C Moisture Mist. This is a really refreshing spray that smells yummy and gives your skin some life in the morning. Great for a bit of a wake-up in summer.

14. Tom Ford true coral. It’s a reddish orange coral lipstick, but I just love it. I either apply liberally for a very bold, bright lip, or I dot it lightly and blend in with my fingers for a more natural pop of colour. Plus, I’m a sucker for the beautiful Tom Ford packaging.

15. Mac Russian Red. Classic red lippy, everyone needs one.

16. Chanel Orange Fizz. This is the nail polish I wore on our wedding day, and it’s the perfect pinky coral for summer.

17. Kiehl’s Crème de Corps body lotion. Not sticky, not smelly, just an effective all-over moisturizer. Perfect in its simplicity.

18. Sally Hansen hand cream. I’m not sure what it’s called but it comes in an orange tube, it smells like heaven, and it’s super luxurious. I’m always trying out new hand creams and they tend to leave me disappointed, but this one is a winner.

19. Tangle Teazer.* Another beauty must-have I don’t have.

20. Chanel Eye Make-Up Remover. Effective, and it feels like silk on the skin.

21. Batiste dry shampoo. Love a dry shampoo, especially since my hair is fine and gets greasy quite quickly. Plus, dry shampoo is great for a bit of volume! Another travel essential.

22. Nimue Syper-Hydrating Mask. I need this to go with my Super Hydrating Serum, and to complete my product list for the perfect Nimue facial at home: cleanser, toner, exfoliating enzyme, super hydrating mask, super hydrating serum, night cream.

23. Mac stippling brush.* I called this the magical brush of heaven, as it feels absolutely divine on the skin. I hate applying foundation with my fingers so I use latex wedges, but this brush is a far better option.

24. Coco Mademoiselle. I got this for my birthday from SC, and I love it. I call it my gateway drug to Chanel No. 5 as I want to make the switch but I feel I’m not ready yet. Something profound has to happen to make me feel that I am officially the Chanel No. 5 woman. Until then, it’s Coco Mademoiselle all the way!

*These three items are tools rather than products that will run out [like the other 21], so if I had to do all products and no tools I would replace these with the following:

  1. Mac Patina. My absolute favourite everyday eye shadow. It’s perfect as a base for a more dramatic look, or on its own for a very natural-looking daytime look.
  2. Chanel beige. Camilla from All Dolled Up recently told me about Beige, and it is divine. It’s more mature than Coco Mademoiselle, so I think it’s the good one to wear at night and in winter if Coco Mademoiselle is my go-to daytime scent.
  3. Dior Abricot cuticle cream. Along with always looking for a great hand cream, I always look for a good cuticle cream. I actually haven’t tried this, but I’ve only heard rave reviews.

 What would you put in your fantasy beauty advent calendar?


One Response to “My Fantasy Beauty Advent Calendar”

  1. cornehagerman November 7, 2013 at 7:49 am #

    Dear Lize,

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday, although it probably feels in the distant past already as this time of the year is so hectic.

    I would just like to thank you on behalf of Nimue Skin for including so many of our products into the below post. We really appreciate it and love to know that you actually use our products and don’t just test it for a once off review.

    We also love the idea of the Beauty Advent Calendar! Brilliant!

    Kind Regards

    Corné Hagerman

    Marketing Assistant

    Nimue Skin Technology

    ‘086 006 4683 (NIMUE)

    6086 575 5543


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