My top three gelaterias in Rome

12 Dec

Of course gelato is something you simple must have in Rome! In fact, it’s all we ever had for dessert. These were my favourite spots, in reverse order of favoritism:

3. Giolitti. Pretty famous, Giolitti has a large interior and many, many flavours! This definitely had the widest selection. Service is abrupt and quick, so don’t expect a chit chat- rather grab your gelato and have it while strolling around Rome, which is magical at night. Must-try: champagne sorbet.

Via Uffici del Vicario, 40

2. San Crispino. My travel companions and I debated first and second place at length, and ultimately it was a very close call. San Crispino, a name you might recognize from Eat, Pray, Love, does gelato proper. Seasonal ingredients, no syrups and other cheap substitutes, real fruit- it’s as good as it gets. Some flavours are even oddly coloured which shows how natural the ingredients are- apple sorbet won’t be neon green, but rather a browny green colour. Grab a cup and have it at the Trevi fountain around the corner- definitely one of my favourite Rome sites. Go late at night to avoid the Trevi crowds. Must-try: fig; salted caramel; and any of the seasonal fruit flavours.

Via della Panetteria, 42

1. Gelateria del Teatro. One night during dinner I was paging through my Louis Vuitton Rome travel guide, and spotted a gelateria that sounded promising. I mentioned that we should try find it during our trip sometime, and we happened to walk past it on our way home. And boy am I glad we did! This small space has a good variety of flavours, but their speciality is herbed ice creams. Think raspberry and sage, lavender and peach, white chocolate and basil, and lavender, honey, and lemon. Those are all must-try flavours, along with their famed red wine and dark chocolate ice cream. This was by far my favourite, just from a flavour point of view: the mixes sound odd but they are perfect combinations and make for delicious, interesting gelato. Walk along the river as you enjoy the best that Rome has to offer.

Via di San Simone, 70.




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