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4th of July Food

4 Jul

As I was thinking to myself “Wow, the 4th of July just really means nothing to me” [I mean, I am not American, never have been, I’ve never even been to the country] I realised I was, completely accidentally, wearing red and blue. And I’m white. So, I’m a walking star-spangled banner right now. Kind of.

Anyway, the point of this pointless post is that, for pretty much the first time in my life, this week I had PMS. I don’t generally get moody, my skin doesn’t break out, I don’t cry and eat like crazy. I stay fairly normally every month during “that time”.

Not this week. Oh no. I was all kinds of emotional [I didn’t cry, though!], and needier than usual, I was a small rollercoaster of irrational emotions.

But mostly, I wanted to eat EVERYTHING!

The cravings were insane. I craved food I never eat. Like chocolate, Jelly Tots, biscuits [ohemgeeiwantaboxofromanycreams!], and bacon.

So, today, on this personally irrelevant 4th of July, I am all about those crazy Americans and their blue, white, and red food.

Even the straws look delicious.

America in a jar.


I pledge allegiance to this.

This is crazy. I want it.

Of course.

I don’t even know what these are. But I want them.

Happy 4th of July day, ‘Merica! I’m off to go eat the entire contents of the world now. Maybe just a nice blue fillet steak and some red wine. That counts, right?

Images via Pinterest.