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Cape Town today

21 Apr

This time of year is Cape Town’s best kept secret. Forget coming here in summer: April is the time to visit the fair cape! Not a cloud in the sky, the temperature is still warm enough (most days) to walk around without jerseys and jackets, and (best of all) there is no wind! I love this city but man this place’s wind makes me want to kill myself. (Exaggeration).

Sure, the ocean is bloody freezing but it pretty much always is so I tend to look at it and nothing more, most of the time.

This weekend was magical. Sleeping in, brunch, seeing The Kooks live, spending time with a long list of special friends, walks on/along the beach, naps… Thanks, Mother City. You are too kind.






These are a few of my favourite things!

5 Feb


Louis Vuitton, and Paris.

See you in September, Paris. Can’t wait.

Prague in 100 Days!

17 Jun

So, when the wedding planning gets really busy and things seem kind of overwhelming, it helps to take a step back and look at the amazing journey of marriage itself, rather than “having a wedding”. It helps to look at exciting things like moving in together and seeing friends from afar, or counting blessings like how awesome our families have been throughout all of this.

But it also helps to take some time out to lust over your honeymoon destination.

Our first destination [of 3]: Prague.

I look forward to crossing bridges that are from fairytales…

Walking the golden glow of fairytale streets at night with my love.

Visiting fairytale buildings.

Skipping down fairytale cobbled streets while holding hands and singing.

And generally live in a fairytale land of beauty, and beer. And Czech pastries!

I love the idea of exploring a city, and taking things as they come, rather than being part of a tour group for the duration of the trip. Also the idea of finding magical little spots that aren’t tourists nests. In Cape Town, for example, I love so many places [and go to them regularly] and none of them are typical touristy spots. Which is why this video is an absolute gem- the idea of this travel [web] TV is that the crew follows a local, who shows them around the city itself, not just its tourist attractions. Secret garden, great food, and pubs with good beer and friendly locals? Yes please!

Engagement Party 3: Cape Town

16 May

In all the wedding madness, we nearly forgot to post about our third [and final] engagement party. This one was in our town of residence [Cape Town]. Much like with the other two cities we wanted to host a party that embodied the city’s vibe. Durban was barefoot on the beach, Jo’burg was a fancy pants hotel with champagne, and Cape Town was to be on a roof top. With drinks and snacks and good friends, of course.

Now the difference here is that the other two were not organised entirely by us. We had the help of family and friends, and hotel staff.

This time, we did everything ourselves. We guesstimated our catering requirements and, happily, over-catered completely.

True to Cape Town form the weather was overcast, windy, chilly, and threatening to rain. But it was a great night nonetheless!

We had some pizzas and the usual drinks- wine, beer, whiskey, brandy. The kind folk over at Smirnoff sent us a heap of amazing goodies to use, too. Besides for useful party paraphernalia like ice buckets and glasses and a cooler bag, they sent us their new pre-mixed range. We got vodka and cranberry [Cosmopolitan, basically], and vodka and orange [Singapore sling, basically]. This really is a much quicker, easier alternative to cocktails. I mean, if you’re inviting someone over for a braai, they probably don’t really care about fruit pulp and wedges and slices and things. They just want a drink, with alcohol, that tastes good. So these were perfect. Pour, and serve. Easy, delicious, and alcoholic. Perfect for a party.

Later in the evening we lit some fires, and once it got really chilly the few people remaining joined us downstairs, inside, for some cigars and more vodka.

Huge thanks to Stef, Chris, and K for letting us their apartment, rooftop, and stuff. They made it all possible. Huge thanks also to Smirnoff for providing the drinks and snacks. You guys rock.

All in all, a great night! Although I have to say we were relieved to see the end of the engagement parties. Now to focus on the actual wedding!

Engagement Shoot Photos

8 May

Our engagement shoot pictures arrived yesterday! So very exciting. I couldn’t possibly post them all on here as there are over 100 photographs, but I tried very hard to pick some of my favourites to share on our little blog.

The shoot kicked off at Wolves Cafe in Illovo, which is one of my favourite places to meet friends in Jo’burg. They make incredible red velvet cupcakes and serve my favourite craft beer, Steph Weiss. Their sandwiches are also worth a nom, as is the Excuse Me, Sir, There’s a Moustache in My Hot Chocolate hot chocolate.

We also shot in Braamfontein, and at Zoo Lake. These are all on the list of our favourite Jo’burg places.

Thank you so much to our very talented friend Xander van der Merwe for shooting these. You are brilliant!

Engagement Party #2: Johannesburg

27 Apr

Last weekend we had our second of three engagement parties. 

It was absolutely fabulous. I picked SC up at the airport in the morning and we spent the afternoon doing our engagement shoot.

From there we went to The Westcliff, which is without doubt our favourite Jo’burg venue. It’s a regular high tea spot for us. And the party was absolutely fabulous. We had the Summer Terrace all to ourselves. The service was excellent throughout the night, we served Boschendal MCC upon arrival, and we had delicious platters from the hotel itself. Everyone looked stunning and I have to say it was super successful. The weather to begin with was gorgeous- not too cold, not windy, and not raining. At some point it started to rain and we moved inside to the Polo Lounge. The night ended with a handful of us drinking Jägerbombs under the heaters outside [smokers gotta smoke, etc], the bar closing and all of us leaving after midnight, happy after a wonderful night.

Beautiful Jo’burg, I miss you so.

My dashing fiancé!

Chatting and drinking with our guests.

My sister, me, and my mum.

Me with friends Mpumi, Dalton, Kat, and Marius.

SC and I with my dad and my stepmum, Lanie.

SC and me with Nkuli.

SC with his sisters, Jess and Ashleigh.

Future Father-In-Law with Future-Brother-In-Law in law… Or something like that…

SC and I are so, so very lucky to have the friends and family that we do.

Third and Final Engagement Party!

27 Apr

As mentioned before, we are having 3 engagement parties.

Tomorrow, on this lovely long weekend Saturday, will be our third and final one.

We’ve used the same template for all of our invites, and this is one is just as great as the one for Durban and Jo’burg:

This time we’re doing a rooftop with a view. Add some friends, music, and drinks and I think we have ourselves a party!

Design by Ashleigh Rodda.