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Healthy, Happy Hair

27 Jul

Thanks, @hueytilley! Best hair dresser in Cape Town. Go to Love, in Gardens.


“Cloud” by Revlon

27 Jul

New Favourite Skin Product

13 Jul

Recently I picked up a Nimue product I had never tried before. Of course, having never met a Nimue product I didn’t love, I was confident this would be no different.

The Super Hydrating Serum is a booster treatment. After cleansing and toning at night, you apply this, and then follow up with your normal moisturiser. This seals the product in. Basically it gives your skin a super boost of moisture, as well as anti-ageing support. It reduces and maintains ‘transepidermal water loss’, and using it long-term will result in smoother, hydrated, supple skin.

It can be used on all skin types, too, which means that now and then when SC [who has ‘environmentally damaged skin’] is at my place for a last cup of tea before we part ways, I attack him with some Super Hydrating Serum to the face! [It’s fun]. It’s a light, fresh gel that isn’t sticky or slimy. Best of all, it works! It really is a super boost for one’s skin and I can already see a difference from using it. My skin feels smooth and soft, and looks glowy and fresh.

I would recommend this to anyone whose skin is a little on the dry side, and who wants that soft, dewy look [who doesn’t?], especially in the cold months of winter, which really take their toll on our skins. The serum restores the balance and comfort in skins that is exposed to seasonal changes, so this is definitely going onto my Winter Skin SOS Kit list as a product I cannot do without in winter.

Loving This Colour

12 Jul

It’s called Waterlily. By Dior.

Glowy Wedding Skin: How To

30 Jun

Obviously on my wedding day I want my skin to be clear, dewy perfection. More so than usual. But in order to achieve this, I decided to do… nothing. That’s right. I have continued using the same products I have used since I was a teenager, since these have always worked amazingly for me.

Quick side note, before I dive into a list of my favourite products: I also take care of my skin outside of facials and daily care routine. This means a good, healthy, balanced diet. I eat little junk, and I never starve myself. I drink as much water as I can [it’s a struggle for me to get my daily 2 litres, but I try]. I drink wine a few times a week but I don’t go on huge drinking binges. I also don’t smoke. And I try stay happy and content in life. All of these things, I believe, count as much [if not more] as the products you use.

I’ve pretty much always used Nimue. Now and then I’ll use something else for a while because I get a product in a goodie bag, or someone recommends it, but I pretty much always return what I have always deemed the best skin product in South Africa. Here’s what I use:


I’ve recently changed my routine from washing my face twice a day to only washing it at night, and in the mornings I rinse it, and then apply toner with some gauze. I apply this very gently around my eye area, and I also apply it to my neck and chest.

This is followed by eye cream [I use eye cream EVERY day, twice a day. Follow suit, ladies. You’ll be grateful when you’re 30/40/50] and then SPF. I wear SPF every day. Nimue has a great SPF 20 which doesn’t make my face feel- or look oily at all.


After removing my make-up, I use Nimue cleanser to wash my face. I have never ever come across a cleansing gel even vaguely as wonderful as this one. It foams, and it cleans your face well. What I also love about Nimue is that their products don’t smell super nice, like fields of daisies or chocolate or spice. When I use products that need to job a job that is not to make me smell nice [that’s what perfume is for] I want minimal smelliness as I feel this isn’t always good for one’s skin, and often an amazing smell comes at the price of an effective product. Nimue is good for your skin. It doesn’t make you smell like a food group.

I use eye cream [again] and then a hydrating moisturiser.

Once again, my skin is hydrated without being oily, and it feels soft and smooth.

Other times:

Some of my other favourite Nimue products go beyond daily facial routine.

This is a MIRACLE product. I think a lot of people use exfoliators too often, and too harshly, and the results are not good. But when you use a chemical [as opposed to physical] exfoliator, you get all of the benefits of exfoliating without the risk of damaging your skin. I use this once every two weeks or so, and it works wonders.

On days that I know I will be in the sun a bit I use Nimue’s Sun C SPF body spray. Obviously if I will be completely exposed, and for a lengthy period of time, I use an SPF 50 [and reapply obsessively every few minutes], but for smaller doses of sun exposure this product is perfect and, once again, not sticky or oily.

Your lips haven’t lived until you try Nimue lip balm. Oh em gee.

Recently Nimue sent me a little gift to help me get glowing wedding skin. I had never tried their body oil, but one test and I love it. You spray it onto your skin before bathing and it leaves your skin silky smooth without oiliness. Super fab, and I will most certainly be using this on my wedding day.

Leading up to my wedding I’m doing masks [and using the exfoliating enzyme] more often than usual, and going for Nimue facials as frequently as I can. I feel confident that my skin will be wedding ready by September, and love me for the extra TLC.

Nimue also has various masks, intense treatments for specific skin problems, body treatements [including hand and foot treatments], a men’s range, a youth range [try some of the Youth tea tree oil moisturiser on spots and pimples- it does wonders], and pretty much every single thing your skin will ever need.

So, if you’re thinking of changing your product, or wondering what’s best, give Nimue a try. I’m pretty sure you won’t be sorry.

Wedding Nails?

14 Jun

Call me crazy, but I’m not keen to go for a French manicure on my wedding day. They’re very pretty and classy, but when they’re one with fake nails they look pretty trashy in my opinion. But without the fake nails and gel/acrylic, a straightforward nail polish French mani is just so finicky! I generally keep my nails not-too-long, so I thought I’d rather paint them a soft, pretty colour. And this colour would definitely be either Dior or Chanel. These are my favourite nail polishes- they have the best colour, the application is smooth, and Dior especially dries super duper fast. Perfect!

A soft grey, perhaps? Unusual, but pretty!

Something a bit more summery.

Wedding perfect.

Perfect for a spring wedding.

I stumbled upon this Chanel Le Vernis video recently. It’s a nail [and nail varnish] cabaret! I really am liking Jade Rose here. But this video is just something fun and silly to love about a very serious, legendary brand.