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A Weekend In Franskraal

7 Mar

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photo 4This past weekend we drove out to Franskraal, a coastal town just past Stanford on the East Coast. Now that we’re married we are eager to have tons of “weekends away”, and the Western Cape is so ideal for that. Just a few hours’ drive takes you to beautiful coastal towns, the winelands, mountains, and more!

We drove up after work on Friday which was a good move as it made the weekend seem so much longer! Plus the drive was beautiful and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the mountains, lighting up the beautiful Elgin valley, and finally setting the ocean on fire as we got to Hermanus.

On Friday night we drank and braaied to celebrate Stef’s birthday [the whole reason for the weekend away]. We all chipped in to buy him Settlers of Catan and an extension pack that allows up to six people to play.

On Saturday morning after a big breakfast we went to the beach. SC and I went for a jog and then walked back in the waves. I’m pretty sensitive to cold but the water was a perfect temperature and I have decided the East coast is where it’s at; I just can’t face the arctic waters of the west coast! After some reading time on the beach [still on Les Miserables, should finish in the next decade] we went for a swim and then finally headed home where we had a late lunch with some bubbly. We then went to Birkinhead Brewery in Stanford which has the most incredible mountain views and delicious beer. We watched the rugby which was not as exciting as the drinking game we invented: Take a sip every time the angry Afrikaner at the end of the bar drops an f-bomb. After that we played Settlers of Catan which I was sure I would hate but completely loved. At 2am, Chris won.

Sunday morning was another big breakfast and then SC and I went for soft serve. I’m not much of a sweet tooth but man oh man, give me soft serve on the beach and I am one happy girl! It has to be the strawberry and vanilla kind, or if it’s plain vanilla it needs to be dipped in caramel. Obviously.

After that we went horseriding on the beach. On Saturday we saw horses on the beach and jogged until we caught up with them to ask for a number. It was just Simon and I on the ride and he was a bit nervous because he hasn’t ridden much and the last time I took him riding he was put on a fairly grumpy horse. Simon got a palomino gelding Goldy, and I was put on a feisty little skewbald called Harry. He was a handful, but such fun to ride! Simon went from being nervous to even be on a horse, and having never done more than ten steps of trotting, to galloping on the beach! I was so chuffed and I definitely plan to do this again, soon. Having done horse riding for 13 years of my life, I miss it every single day.

After a really stunning ride, made better by the fact that we were the only two, along with the guide, we drove to Hermanus en route home. We stopped there for a walk around. It really is a beautiful town and was pleasantly quiet. We went to Hemingway’s which is contending with Book Lounge to be my favourite book shop in South Africa. I got a better copy of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin [ours is falling apart] as well as the complete works of Shakespeare because buying them individually is a mission and takes up too much space in our little flat.

After a lunch of gin and tonics and  fish and chips with a view, we drove back to Cape Town, enjoying another beautiful afternoon of sunshine.

It’s energising escaping the city, even if only for two days. I plan on doing more of this in future!



26 Oct

Sometimes you get press packs and  you’re, like, “Really? A press release and a branded USB stick? How exciting.”

But sometimes you get a press pack that makes you leap up onto your desk and shout “Woohoo! Look at what I got, suckers!” at everyone in your office because it is so awesome.

Last week I was sent a gigantic picnic basket for KFC’s #alittlebitoffancy campaign. It’s to celebrate their new fancy eggs benedict breakfast: Smoked chicken on an English muffin, a poached egg, with a delicious hollandaise sauce. Sound yum? You bet it does! And fancy, too. Doesn’t get better than that.

The basket [which is rad itself and will be v useful for future picnics] included juice, bubbly [and glasses! Nice touch, KFC!], English muffins, Hollandaise sauce, yummy snacks like nuts, dried fruit, fruit crisps, and fruit jellies, and beautifully iced biscuits in a pretty box! It was super amazing and SC and I did not hesitate to have a breakfast-for-dinner picnic in our living room, while watching An Idiot Abroad.

Such a cool idea, and who doesn’t love eggs benedict? Thanks, KFC. Everyone needs #alittlebitffancy, I believe. I’m a big fan of the fancy.



Goodbye, Miss K Food. Sadface.

3 Jul

Last week, I saw a tweet that just about broke my heart.

Miss K, also known as “some of the best eggs benedict of your life” was closing!

It was a tragic kind of panic, and I knew we had to go visit one last time. So I called up The Gays, and of course they were game for Brunch.

Coffee. Always.

So good. I mean, sure, the iPhone might be doing funny things to the colours and texture. But you just don’t know how good it is!

Oh, and Lindt white hot chocolate. Starve yourself for a few days if you must. It’s worth it.*

All gone.

It was a sad day. But it was one of the more satisfying goodbyes I’ve ever had.

Goodbye, Miss K! We will miss you.

And now- suggestions for the second best eggs benedict in Cape Town, please.

*Totes kidding. Eating disorders are very serious things and I do NOT advocate unhealthy living in any way, including over-/under eating.

Cook This: Salt and Pepper Baby Squid

2 Jul

We love to cook. And I mean actually cook- we hardly ever do ready-made, microwave meals. SC and I also meet for lunch every day. We go to his place and either make sarmies or a salad, and we chill out for a few minutes. This part of my day is so important as it gives me a chance to step out of the office, unwind, and get my energy back, and I get to spend time with my fiance. Eating at home is also much healthier, and it costs less.

Believe it or not, SC does a lot [if not most] of the cooking. Every night we’re in the kitchen together, cooking up something healthy [mostly] and delicious [always].

Since he is so often the one that does all the cooking, I decided this weekend I would take over the kitchen and cook for him. He was not allowed to come into the kitchen. Just sit on the couch, keep me company, and chill out with some wine.

I found two recipes I was dying to try, and this is the first.

After a busy morning of brunch with The Gays, then Vida coffee with The Gays, Neighbourgoods Market for coffee with my cousin, and a lot of running around and cursing Cape Town drivers, I was quite excited to curl up with wine, a blanket, good food, and Amelie [the film, not a lesbian lover]. For this, I made Sam Linsell‘s salt and pepper baby squid.

This recipe is ridiculously easy. Trust me when I say it’s impossible to get this wrong.

I got some baby squids from Ocean Jewels. Julie is a SASSI participant so she only sells fish what is not on the SASSI red list [read more here], and has been fished responsibly/sustainably in the False Bay area. There are so many reasons to support her by only buying fish from her. I tweeted her to ask for some baby squids and she brought them to Neighbourgoods Market where I picked them up. Easy as comforting fish pie.

All you need to do is put your baby squids in a plastic packet with some flour, salt, pepper, and spices like paprika or chilly [if you want], shake it all around, and then fry them in oil. Literally. That’s it! And they are super duper delicious and crunchy.

Sam also has a home-made mayonaise recipe on her site. For the squid, add some lemon juice, chillies, lime, and coriander to the aioli.

I still cannot believe how easy this recipe was. And, of course, delicious. An easy, yummy addition for future platters of bread and cheese and cold meat and such, methinks!

I’m no foodie, or food stylist. So for the full post, with mouth-watering pictures, go to Drizzle and Dip.

Weekend in Jo’burg in Pictures

26 Jun

Last week Thursday I flew up to Jo’burg for a work-related event, and decided to stay for the full weekend to catch up with family and friends, and deliver some of our wedding invitations to our Jo’burg guests.

Thursday night: Wine with the GBF, @simongerber, at Piza e Vino at The Zone. Much needed after a loooong day. PS. How much do we LOVE his Gryffindor scarf? I would totes be in Gryffindor or Slytherin. You?

Followed by sushi and more wine [and some bubbly] at Future Sister-in-Law’s place for an “invitation party”.

Everyone pitched in with tying, folding, assembling, cutting, closing, stamping, painting, and everything else!

Friday: More invitation making

And in between work and madness, delivering the finished product. And after yet another incredibly long day, drinks with friends! @XandervdMerwe, plus his chickita.

Saturday: coffee in bed and doggies as hot water bottles. A facial at the salon after visiting family.

A braai with The Gays. I was the only female, and only straight person. 11 gay men. 1 straight woman. Only person without Lady Gaga tickets [guess who].

Then went to a gay club. The lesbians were mean to me. There were shirtless men dancing on the stage. The gays were wonderful. Body shots happened. Of course.

Sunday: After too little sleep and the GBF once missing the train and then almost missing it a second time- tea with the girls. @Mpum_mpum [bridesmaid] and @_Dame_. Both fabulous school friends.

Overate. Poached eggs with mushrooms, tomato, and a huge ciabatta. Most amazing croissant ever. Macarons. Coffees.

And finally, after more invitation deliveries, family catch-ups, and madness, a flight back home. Delayed by an hour and a half, to land after 11pm. But still. Back in Cape Town with my love.

The Weekend That Was: Sunday at the dairy farm

17 Mar

Wowee, what a week! I am exhausted, and the crazy days behind me are why I’ve been so late with this post.


For round two of introducing the parents to the parents, we went to Irene Dairy Farm for brunch with my mum and Simon’s family.

For round three of our food  comas, we ate a little bit of everything there, basically.

My mum is most wonderful, and it was great seeing her!

After breakfast we went for a quick walk around the farm.

It’s kinda of lovely being able to escape the city, while you’re still in the city.

And it was lovely being able to introduce my mum to his family, and that everyone got along.

And after the cows came home we figured we should probably get going…

For cake and beer with Kat and her new man, Marius, at Wolves.

So much food. So much love for this weekend.

Best Breakfast in Town

23 Jan

Living in the southern suburbs, or Soccer Mom Central, is not nearly as vibey as living in town is. So when I discover cool things on this side of the mountain, I get really excited.

Of course, Cassis is not a new discovery- I have long frequented them for their macarons [which, by the way, are the best in Cape Town. Fact.]. But where once Cassis was only for macarons and tea, it is now for breakfast.

The Cassis Cocotte- a breakfast of bacon, cherry tomatoes, and potato croquettes, topped with a fried egg, and served in a Le Creuset mini cocotte!

I could do with having brunch at Cassis with the love of my life every weekend. Followed by macarons and tea, of course.

Afterwards we ambled through the area, looking at all the quaint little shops. The ‘burbs aren’t so bad, after all.