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26 Oct

Sometimes you get press packs and ¬†you’re, like, “Really? A press release and a branded USB stick? How exciting.”

But sometimes you get a press pack that makes you leap up onto your desk and shout “Woohoo! Look at what I got, suckers!” at everyone in your office because it is so awesome.

Last week I was sent a gigantic picnic basket for KFC’s #alittlebitoffancy campaign. It’s to celebrate their new fancy eggs benedict breakfast: Smoked chicken on an English muffin, a poached egg, with a delicious hollandaise sauce. Sound yum? You bet it does! And fancy, too. Doesn’t get better than that.

The basket [which is rad itself and will be v useful for future picnics] included juice, bubbly [and glasses! Nice touch, KFC!], English muffins, Hollandaise sauce, yummy snacks like nuts, dried fruit, fruit crisps, and fruit jellies, and beautifully iced biscuits in a pretty box! It was super amazing and SC and I did not hesitate to have a breakfast-for-dinner picnic in our living room, while watching An Idiot Abroad.

Such a cool idea, and who doesn’t love eggs benedict? Thanks, KFC. Everyone needs #alittlebitffancy, I believe. I’m a big fan of the fancy.