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Ring Pillows For The Wedding

14 Jun

In some ways, I’m very traditional, in others… not so much!

Ring pillows are not my favourite thing. I just find them kind of kitsch and granny ish, personally. I mean, I cannot imagine my diamond wedding band coming down the aisle on this:

When you Google “ugly ring pillow” and “ring pillow” the image results are much the same/ #imjustsayin

The alternatives to a ring pillow range from kitsch [animals being the ring bearers, little wooden nests] to sweet ideas like:

Fabric flowers.


Initialed wood.

But by far the alternative that has spoken to me the most is this one:

This is just perfect for us! Firstly, the lace and twine go with our soft, romantic, vintage-style spring wedding. It also ties in nicely with our literary centrepieces! It’s pretty [very important], and most importantly it includes a Bible, which is at the very centre of our relationship.

So, my maid of honour will be walking down the aisle with this, instead of flowers.

I can’t wait.

Images [mostly] from Pinterest.


Chapel: Check

13 Jun

It has been my dream for many years to someday get married in my school chapel.

I went to St Anne’s Diocesan College for Girls in Hilton, KwaZulu Natal. Boarding school was some of the best years of my life, and this absolutely beautiful campus brings back amazing memories. My future daughters will go to St Anne’s, and I hope that attending this school will become a tradition that is carried over from generation to generation, starting with me.

SC, being the clever lad that he is, booked the school chapel [and thus, our wedding date] before he proposed! This was such an amazing detail that made it all even more special. And while we haven’t decided on the details of hymns and reading and chapel flowers, I thought I’d post some pictures of this Herbert Baker beauty, built around 1904, to show why I wanted to get married in this beautiful chapel.

The pews face inwards rather than forwards.

This is a fairly recent addition to the chapel, added when they extended it slightly.

The area behind the altar has French doors all around, which open up to the gorgeous front lawn.

Outside the foyer and dining room.

The less decorative exterior of the back of the chapel.

There are stained glass windows of Jesus, Mary, and the saints.

The school has been so accommodating, and I just cannot wait to get married in this beautiful chapel of the place that I called home for five years.

New Beginnings, New Church

14 May

Up until now, SC and I attended different churches in Cape Town. Churches we started attended before we were a couple. But as we embark on this journey together, and prepare to start our new life together, it simply won’t do going to two different churches, alternating, juggling, and trying to give two communities our full commitment.

Of course, both of us would want to stay at our respective churches. Neither of us would want to leave to join the other’s permanently, we would want the other to come to our church. And so we decided that the most diplomatic thing was, naturally, for both of us to leave our churches, and go to a new one altogether.

This past weekend we had our final service at SC’s church, Point Community. And the weekend before, our last service at my church, The Church of the Good Shepherd, Protea.

It was an emotional goodbye both times, but we know we have made the right decision.

We’ll be going to Holy Trinity in Gardens. We have visited there once of twice before, and everyone is welcoming and friendly, and the church really suits both of us very well. We’ll be doing pre-marital counseling there, and it is truly exciting looking forward to embarking on this very exciting journey with God by our side.




I Will Wait For You

28 Feb

I found this video via Kazi, and like it did to her, it took my breath away.

This is love.