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Couture Christmas

12 Dec

As I mentioned in the Christmas tree post, I never used to be a huge Christmas lover, and now I just SUPER love it!

Have a real Christmas tree has made my year. I love wrapping gifts, I love giving gifts- it just thrills me!

I’m not afraid of cheesy Christmas-ness. And so you can imagine my delight when I saw Charlotte Olympia’s Christmas range. Couture + Christmas? I could just perish with joy!

jingle-bell_v_5dec12_b_426x639Jingle bells shoes. Oh, I would be a-trottin’ all over the house with these!


The best part is the Christmas-y bits of these shoes are removable! So from January-November you just have a pair of really fabulous, non-themed shoes. No one can argue with that.


Just delicious!


I have my eyes on those black shoes and this clear perspex clutch [which comes with a little velvet red/green clutch to put inside]. Hard!



We have a tree!

4 Dec

I was never very Christmasy. Being Afrikaans and living in a small town we didn’t do the traditional gammon with cranberry whatsit and eggnog and all that. Plus, most Christmases for me involved huge family fights while I sat near the tree, grumpy that a silly spat was delaying present opening.

Two years ago I decided that I would bring on the Christmas cheer hard. Think choc mint cupcakes with candy canes and chocolate stars, illustrating personalised cards for everyone, beautiful wrapping, the works. I saved Christmas! [Well, in my own head]. 

This year I am exceptionally excited to make our flat Christmasy! We are now married, we live together, and we get to do Christmasy things as each other’s family! Hoorah!

And so we got our first tree! I wanted a real one, and not chopped down because then it would die and I would be sad and so would the earth. This one might not be the perfect cone shape, but it’s a pine tree and I think it looks lovely and we open our door everything smells like pine trees. We got this cool crumpled ceramic planter from o.live in Woodstock, and I happened upon the star-shaped lights while shopping at the V&A Waterfront this weekend.

When we switched on the lights, I literally clapped my hands and jumped up and down. Now to wrap presents and get them under that tree!

photo 1

photo 2