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Goodbye, Miss K Food. Sadface.

3 Jul

Last week, I saw a tweet that just about broke my heart.

Miss K, also known as “some of the best eggs benedict of your life” was closing!

It was a tragic kind of panic, and I knew we had to go visit one last time. So I called up The Gays, and of course they were game for Brunch.

Coffee. Always.

So good. I mean, sure, the iPhone might be doing funny things to the colours and texture. But you just don’t know how good it is!

Oh, and Lindt white hot chocolate. Starve yourself for a few days if you must. It’s worth it.*

All gone.

It was a sad day. But it was one of the more satisfying goodbyes I’ve ever had.

Goodbye, Miss K! We will miss you.

And now- suggestions for the second best eggs benedict in Cape Town, please.

*Totes kidding. Eating disorders are very serious things and I do NOT advocate unhealthy living in any way, including over-/under eating.